Sunday, June 22, 2014

Gnaw Chocolate: Quality Chocolate with 'Fun' as a Main Ingredient

This week I was lucky enough to try two exceptional chocolate bars made by Gnaw Chocolate, a company based in the United Kingdom. The two bars that I tasted were Gnaw Peanut Butter with "chompy chunks of peanutty deliciousness in milk chocolate".  It was one of those chocolate bars that just melts in the mouth with milk chocolate and peanut butter, and offers a nice little crunch from chunks of peanuts. The other was Gnaw's High Cocoa bar with 80% cocoa solids, which was just the perfect treat for me.

I LOVED the High Cocoa chocolate bar with 80% dark chocolate. It was rich and very delicious, and it had none of the bitterness commonly associated with 80% or darker chocolate bars. It is a single origin Brazilian dark chocolate (chocolate made from Brazilian cacao is my new favourite kind!) and I highly recommend it if you are into the darker stuff.

I shared some e-mails with Matt Legon, one of the directors (and founders) of Gnaw Chocolate and I learned that Gnaw is "a company of passionate people striving for excellence and quality within the chocolate industry."  But what's even better is that their vision is to put "fun" into high quality chocolate. And I can honestly say that they have. The branding, marketing, and packaging of their products certainly gives the feeling of fun and the website is completely unique with its cartoony look.

The products are still hand made in their factory in Norfolk, although they are amazingly making over 800,000 products per year, sold in over 20 countries worldwide. You can see their very large selection of chocolate bars on the website here. GNAW also makes a variety of chocolate buttons and hot chocolate shots (on a stick).

I purchased the Peanut Butter and the High Cocoa chocolate bars at McEwans in Toronto.  Find out where you can get your hands on some here: You can also follow them on Twitter: @GnawChocolate.

As usual, here are the package details for the chocolate that I tasted today:

GNAW Peanut Butter, 100g
Gnaw Chocolate
Norwich, Norfolk (U.K.)
Ingredients: sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa paste, ground peanuts, peanut butter (15%, soya lecithin, natural vanilla, salt.

GNAW High Cocoa, 100g
Gnaw Chocolate
Norwich, Norfolk (U.K.)
Ingredients: minimum 80% cacao, sugar, soya lecithin, natural vanilla flavour. 


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