Thursday, June 12, 2014

Chocolate Battles Rage on for the Month of June

In May, I compared Soma's Arcana Chuao 100%
versus Soma's regular Arcana 100%. This battle can be seen here.
This month, I've been battling it out on the tasting table with several different chocolate bars, to help decide what is the better 'buy' between similar chocolates. So for the remainder of the month, in upcoming posts I will be comparing chocolate bars in different percentage ranges (the first will be 70% organic chocolate bars), as well as chocolates made from beans of different origins and chocolate from different manufacturers. The result will hopefully be a guide to what chocolate to buy for eating versus the chocolate that might be best used for other purposes, like in a recipe or a beverage.

So let's get started!  This morning I'll begin with a post that compares 70% organic dark chocolate bars that are commonly found at your local health or bulk food store, or your grocer.

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