Thursday, September 4, 2014

Costco's Tuxedo Cake: Chocolate Mousse Heaven

This combination of chocolate mousse, thick cream, and chocolate fudgy brownie pieces sandwiched between two layers of fluffy moist chocolate cake surprised me with its deliciousness.  Why?  Not because of the combination of flavours - certainly that was well thought through - but because of the type of store that I purchased it from. 

Don`t get me wrong, I love Costco.  It is a store that often carries organic and natural food products at great discount prices (e.g. my great experience with Barkthins chocolate).  But if you have read any of my other articles in the past, you will know that I prefer fine chocolate.  And I also prefer my dark chocolate not to be too sweet (I hate chocolate that is labelled as 'dark' but is actually sickeningly sweet).  And what often happens, is that large grocery retailers sell cakes under their own label or other brands that are made with super sweet chocolate, or chocolate ganache that has had too much icing sugar and artificial vanilla added to it. But that was not the cake with this Kirkland brand cake at Costco. 

There was only the taste of chocolate - no heavy artificial vanilla flavour (although there is some artificial flavour included in the ingredients) - and with just the right level of sweetness. The dark and white chocolate mousses in the centre were rich and not too sweet, and the brownie pieces were not overwhelming and not overly 'chewy', so the experience was completely smooth and enjoyable.

I have looked at this cake on many occasions in the past, but have never made the purchase. I was worried that I would be disappointed, as I have been with many other chocolate cakes sold at retail chain stores in the past. But I am truly glad that I finally found an excuse to buy one.

The cake serves at least 12 people - a great addition to any dessert table at a party, or for a simple birthday celebration. I purchased mine at an Ontario Costco store.


  1. I agree. I just had it yesterday for the first time.....YUMMY!!!

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  2. Can it be frozen? I purchased one and have half left over.

    1. You can freeze any cake. Just make sure it is sealed well. So cover the original plastic container in a bag and place in the freezer, or the leftover containers in a Ziplock container, but also put a bag around that so that no air can go in or out.

  3. Tried this and it was amazing!! Served over 15 people with a decent slice. Very fresh. Not too sweet. Amazing!

  4. The best way to freeze a cake is to place the whole or partial cake in the freezer unwrapped or uncovered. Let the cake freeze well...1-2 hours is usually enough. Then once it's thoroughly frozen, take it out and wrap it well. 2 or 3 layers of plastic wrap and then place in a plastic bag. This will prevent the icing from sticking to the wrapping materials.To defrost without damaging, remove cake from freezer and unwrap immediately. Let the cake defrost uncovered. This freezing and defrosting method will keep your cake intact and no one will ever know it was frozen.

  5. The best way to freeze a cake is to place the whole or partial cake in the freezer unwrapped or uncovered. Let the cake freeze well...1-2 hours is usually enough. Then once it's thoroughly frozen, take it out and wrap it well. 2 or 3 layers of plastic wrap and then place in a plastic bag and return to freezer. This will prevent the icing from sticking to the wrapping materials.To defrost without damaging, remove cake from freezer and unwrap immediately. Let the cake defrost uncovered. This freezing and defrosting method will keep your cake intact and no one will ever know it was frozen.

  6. Thanks Lisabeth & VickieR. Your instructions are exactly what I was looking for.
    I bought one of these tux cakes to cut for my sister's birthday (belated) but she's too sick to make the 1.5hr trip to my house and I was dreading ;-) having to eat it all by myself next week. If only calories didn't count!!!!!! especially @ 3 months postpartum and determined to lose 15 more lbs of baby weight. Aaaaggggh. Thanks again.

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  8. This cake is delicious. I bought it for my family today. This cake of the best I've ever tasted.But a lot of calories and not good for every day!

  9. This cake is delicious. I bought it for my family today. This cake of the best I've ever tasted.But a lot of calories and not good for every day!

  10. Anybody can tell me the weight of a slice of this cake ? 50 gr, 100 gr, ???

    1. A generous slice (think between 1" and 1.5" wide approx.) weighed about 400 grams when I was measuring them out the other day.

  11. 2000 mg sodium.
    63g sugar
    Death by chocolate

  12. I just at an entire one by myself. I couldn't help myself. I then had to have three cups of milk so I didn't choke. Worth it.

  13. A great tip for all tuxedo cake lovers. Freeze it and then eat it. The fudge firms up and the whole thing tastes incredible

  14. This is DEFINATELY NOT the chocolate lover cake more like the SUGAR LOVER CAKE. It is like missing CHOCOLATE or CHOCOLATE was thief FROM the cake-- missing SO much chocolate that this cake looks chocolate, but tastes like sugar cake INSTEAD. DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THE LOOK OF THIS CAKE. ALERT-- MISSING CHOCOLATE FROM THE CAKE! The CHOCOLATE in taste description is SWEET, SWEET, SWEET, SWEET, BLAND in layers from top to bottom. any chocolate taste? not so much that it would make it chocolate in the taste cake. in fact this chocolate look alike cake is A SUGAR CAKE. sweet* in description however does not necessary mean that it is A GOOD TASTING cake. It is just horrible cake. I'm sure the person who came up with the recipe would be so sad that the CHOCOLATE TASTE is not there for tasters to enjoy. perhaps the actually CHOCOLATE in the cake was cut in half or more due to?

  15. I, too, tasted it last week for the first time and could not stop saying, Oh My God, this is amazing! I know, it's sugar, but the combination is super fantastic. I ate two pieces and wanted more. I normally do not shop at Costco but I will definitely be asking someone to pick this cake up for me next time I have a party or get together with friends. I would love to make this myself, has anyone tried?

  16. 3 1/2 years later, this is still a good topic!
    I have seen it for years and was sceptical.
    Someone brought it to work and I was smitten.
    I went back and took another piece to take home.
    There wasn’t a label but my “gut” told me “Tuxedo Cake”
    and the internet did not let me down.
    The exact same cake and packaging.
    My costco lasped but I will get one once a month forever!

  17. this is chocolate or cake...

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  18. Costco has this cake and it is wonderful has been at every celebration since! BUT the white chocolate with berries and whipped cream version is even better, yet they stopped carrying three years ago and can't locate it anywhere else. Sugar or not, reallllly good!

  19. Darren caschera ft Lauderdale flFebruary 10, 2019 at 9:41 AM

    Omfg!!! This is so from good!! Can't stop eating goin 2b a's like a Publix cake

  20. Lisabeth,
    I completely agree. It's the best cake I've ever tasted. I used to get it every time I went to Costco, but I would eat it in such a short time that I gained a ton of weight. I had to stop getting it all together, & have not had it in years. I just can't resist it if it's anywhere near me.
    P.S.: Have you tried a Theo organic fair trade mint 70% dark chocolate bar? It is by far the best mint chocolate I've ever tried. It tastes like real mint, not mint candy. Actually, all the Theo dark chocolate bars I've tried have been excellent.

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  117. How to Resolve If Spectrum Email is Not Working?

    Because of the features of Spectrum Email, you can stream videos, play online games, download music, and upload photos without affecting performance. Spectrum Internet makes all of this possible. The spectrum Internet has the following features.

    Spectrum Email

    You can sign up for an email account with Spectrum and make up to seven email addresses for free.

    Suite for security

    Security keeps bad software like spyware, worms, Trojans, rootkits, etc. from harming your computer.

    Wi-Fi Outside the Home

    Customers of Spectrum Internet can easily connect to a high-speed wireless network when they are not at home. On one account, you can use up to fifteen devices with unlimited access.

    Test of Speed

    The Speed Test will check your internet connection and measure how fast you can upload and download on your network.

    Spectrum Email's perks:

    Read on to find out what you can do with your email inbox at Spectrum:


    You can send, read, and take care of your email.

    You can use a keyword to search and do an Advanced Search.

    You can also compose email messages.

    There are also extra actions, such as reply, reply all, forward, move, and delete.


    You can make contacts, change them, and keep track of them.

    You can add a contact

    To keep track of your contacts, you can make a group.

    You can sort contacts by either their first or last name.

    Contacts can also be imported and exported:


    You can get help and manage your account by going to the Spectrum main menu and clicking on "Help."

    My Folders

    You can make folders quickly and better organise your emails.


    Spectrum keeps emails that have been marked as spam, but after 14 days, they are deleted for good.

    How do I set up the server settings for my Spectrum email?

    If you pay attention, setting up spectrum email server settings is easy. When Spectrum email isn't working, you can also quickly change the email server settings if you want to. Here's what you need to do.

    Click File after opening Outlook.

    Then, you'll need to use the dropdown menu under "Account Information" to choose the account you want to change.

    Then, click on Account Settings and choose the kind of information you want to change.

    There, you'll find the Server Settings option. So click on that and make the changes you need to the server settings.

    How do I set up email from Spectrum on my iPhone?

    Follow the steps to set up spectrum email on your iPhone. This will make it easy to send and receive emails.

    Go to "Settings" on your iPhone and scroll down until you see the "Mail and Contacts" tab.

    Click "Add Account" after that.

    Then enter and click "Add Mail Account."

    Then type in your name and email.

    Last, enter your correct password and click the Next button.

    Then select IMAP settings. This is how simple it is to add spectrum email to an iPhone.

    Having problems with Spectrum Email Doesn't Work

    Some common email problems are easy to fix by checking and making changes to the email settings. You must use the right settings if you want to set up your Spectrum email on your mobile device. Your full Spectrum email address should be your username, and your Spectrum email password should be your password. Then check your internet connection and make sure your password works to find out how to get your spectrum email back. Also, make sure that your firewall or anti-virus software isn't causing a security conflict.

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  129. How to Troubleshoot Yahoo Mail Unsubscribe Not Working Issue?
    While dealing with the issue of Yahoo mail unsubscribe not working issue then to deal with it, you need to use Yahoo in-built unsubscriber. Start by logging into mail on desktop computer and proceed to mails on right corner. In your mailbox, proceed till users find the subscriptions. If you don’t then you need to find hide and show button underneath trash and tap to show and select subscriptions. In the next screen, users need to find active and unsubscriptions. Under active, you will find the active email subscriptions and under subscribed then you need to find out the latter. Lastly, under each subscription then users need to find an unsubscribe button. When one click, you can successfully opt out for any subscription. Once subscribed then subscriptions are moved to unsubscribed folder.

  130. How to Sync Gmail on All Devices?
    If you are dealing with a query about how to sync Gmail on all devices, then your first step should be to update the Gmail application. It is advisable to keep it free from bugs and resolve the issue. To know about the steps to deal with the sync Gmail on all devices then, you need to update the Gmail application. To do that, launch the Play store and click on the search bar and then search for Gmail. Lastly, tap on it. If you see the update button, then click to get the latest version available for your Gmail application.

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  133. Why Can’t Sign into Yahoo Mail on Android?
    When users are facing the issue related to why cant sign into Yahoo mail on Android device then there are some troubleshooting steps that you need to check. Start by checking whether the application is freezing, slow, or crashing. Also, check some missing features on mobile device. When you are unable to find Yahoo mail features in Android mobile application then don’t worry as Yahoo product feature is available in desktop browse version. Along with it, there are chances that users are unable to access the network because of poor internet connection.

  134. While dealing with the issue of [url=]Google workspace not receiving some emails[/url] then you need to check Google’s server. Google server might go down for unplanned or maintenance difficulties. Users need to check Google workspace status and check whether Gmail is currently down. When Google server is temporarily down then your email wasn’t handled properly. In such situation, you need to ask sender to resend the email back to you. Another troubleshooting test users can do is by sending an email. You need to try sending two emails, one with Gmail account and another one from email service like Outlook or Yahoo.

  135. Methods to Resolve Gmail Keeps Crashing Chrome
    While using iPhone and often deal with the issue of Gmail keeps crashing Chrome then start by clearing the cache and data from Gmail application. Here are some of the steps mentioned below that will assist users to smoothly clear the cache and data from Gmail application on iPhone. To do that, click on settings and then tap to apps > all apps > Gmail. After that, choose storage from the list of available options and then clear cache and choose to clear data. Lastly, users can restart iPhone and check whether issue is resolved or not.

  136. How to Merge Google Accounts?
    There is no need to create the fuss when you can combine them into one. If you have the query about how to merge Gmail accounts then keep reading. When you have two separate Gmail account then it has its own email address, calendar, and contacts. When you try to juggle between both and thinking about merging them into one then it is a great option. The first option available is to forward emails. When you decide to go with Gmail account and Google address then you want to keep it primary and which one that you no longer want to use.

  137. Why Yahoo Unsubscription Feature Not Working?
    If you have subscribed to newsletter or any other information source on internet then you will receive all the emails linked with it. However, if you are not receiving then unsubscribe them. There are times when users deal with why Yahoo unsubscription feature not working, if you are dealing with the same then check out the updates. Start by welcoming emails after signing up for Yahoo’s products or services. Information on changes in privacy policy, check out service-outage related updated, emails linked to change in terms of service, emails linked with billing such as renewal notices and cancellation, and notifications related with discontinued services.

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