Tuesday, March 25, 2014

What's new at Costco? barkTHINS™ Snacking Chocolate, that's what!

Costco always has great chocolate finds. So whenever I make my way off Manitoulin Island to venture into 'the big city', I inevitably find myself in their chocolate and treat aisle, just to check the selection. And Costco being Costco, they always have something new, interesting and healthy to try. This time, it was 'barkTHINS Snacking Chocolate' by Ripple Brands Collective of Congers, New York.

This large bag of snacking chocolate contained thin pieces of very tasty Fair Trade Certified dark chocolate, filled with sea salted-pumpkin seeds. I am not a huge fan of pumpkin seeds (unless I cook them up myself at Halloween), so I was undecided on whether or not I would like this treat.  But being the dark chocoholic that I am, I made the purchase anyway and was pleasantly surprised.  In fact, I like this 'snacking chocolate' so much that I cannot seem to stop snacking on it!

The sea salt stands out and pairs well with the not-too-sweet dark chocolate.  The pumpkin seeds add a nice, healthy crunch. This would be a great addition to your party dessert table, or for an afternoon meeting with tea and snacks. Or just keep it on hand to curb your sweet cravings!

Get them while they last! Costco often changes their stock, so although there was a large quantity this past weekend (in Sudbury, Ontario), you just never know how long they might carry the product.

I paid only $9.99 for the 454 gram bag - that's $2.20 per 100 grams - a great price when compared to a 100 gram Lindt chocolate bar (usually about $2.99 per 100 grams) or a 100 gram Fair Trade chocolate bar!

If you want to learn more about this product and its maker, here are the package details:

barkTHINS Snacking Chocolate, 454g
Ripple Brands Collective (Congers, NY)
Ingredients: Dark Chocolate Fair Trade Certified chocolate liquor, Fair Trade Certifiedsugar, Fair Trade Certified cocoa butter, soy lecithin, vanilla), dry roasted pumpkin seeds, sea salt.
Contains: pumpkin seeds, salt.
May contain traces of peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, wheat and milk.
Fair Trade Certified by Fair Trade USA.

As per usual, I am not encouraged or paid to write positive product reviews. I just like this product! If I do not write about it, it is because I do not like it.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Chocolate-Covered Treats for Weekend Snacking

We all have food phases. You know how it is, suddenly you find yourself craving one type of food for a week or a month, or however long the phase lasts. Well, I go through 'chocolate phases', where I crave specific kinds of chocolate for short periods of time.

I just went through one such chocolate phase that was rather fun.  I suddenly found myself purchasing treats and healthy snacks that were covered in chocolate. It started out a little less on the healthy side with chocolate-covered sponge toffee (although it was 'all natural' which offered less guilt) and moved to very dark chocolate-covered superfruit and rice cakes.

Today I am going to tell you about these great products (and where you can get them) because a chocolate-covered snack is the best kind of snack! 

1. David's All Natural Sponge Toffee is a very tasty sponge toffee with just the right sponginess-to-crunch ratio. I warn you: it might be difficult to NOT eat the entire 140 gram package in one sitting. Despite being a dark chocolate devotee, I happily tucked in to this milk chocolate treat. But next time, I will definitely try the dark chocolate version, available from Chocolate Signatures LP of Toronto. 

I bought David's Sponge Toffee at Loco Beanz Coffee House in Gore Bay, Ontario, but it is available in many different retailers. Follow Chocolate Signatures on Twitter or check their website for more information: www.chocolatesignaturesinc.com.

2. Organic Traditions is always surprising me with their amazing 'chocolate-covered' products and just how healthy they can be. First I fell in love with their 70% dark chocolate-covered hazelnuts, and now they are offering something even darker and, well, tart. The Dark Chocolate Golden Berries by Organic Traditions are made with a Dairy and Sugar Free 80% Dark Chocolate (sweetened with low-glycemic Yacon syrup) and organic dried golden Inca berries.

This is the most tart, sour and bitter combination they could come up with, but I really enjoyed each morsel's burst of flavour.  And what a great treat if you are following a Paleo or gluten-free eating plan, or just trying to reduce your cane sugar intake!

I bought this at Durham Natural Foods in Sudbury, Ontario (Twitter), but you can find out where to buy them in your area on the Organic Traditions website: www.organictraditions.com.

3. Dark Chocolate Enrobed Mangoes offer a slightly sweeter fruit-and-chocolate experience.  The flavour of the dark chocolate was paired perfectly with the tropical tanginess of the dried mango.  Although the pieces are rather large, one is definitely NOT enough! My entire family enjoyed these treats. This product was made by Barry Callebaut in Quebec for a Nature's Intent (an American business), but I was lucky enough to find them at Costco in Sudbury, Ontario!  They are also available in the U.S. on Amazon for $18.99 per bag.

4. Finally, milk and dark Chocolate-Covered Rice Cakes by Sarchio were the biggest hit at home last week. This uber-healthy treat from Italy was barely sweet, and had the added bonus of being a wheat-free snack option. The concept was so simple: a plain rice cake (yup, that means just organic whole rice and no other additives) with a small covering of 74% organic dark chocolate.

The milk chocolate version was slightly sweeter, but the rich organic milk chocolate still offered a reduced-sugar snack that left me feeling guilt-free. I bought these at Bulk Barn in Sudbury, Ontario. The Sarchio website is: www.sarchio.com for further product information.

I hope you enjoy a chocolate-covered weekend!

And now onto my next phase...whatever that might be.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bean-to-Bar 'Craft' Chocolate Makers in the United States (list by State)

Updated July, 2018

The craft bean-to-bar chocolate movement is now so strong in America that new chocolate makers seem to be popping up weekly. An association for Craft Chocolate Makers of America has now formed, and other supporting organizations, like Direct Cacao, are also being introduced, as well as a slew of specialty retailers who sell bean-to-bar chocolate. So needless to say, this list - now with 112 craft chocolate makers on it - is a moving target! 

Here is a list, by state, of the American small-batch, craft chocolate makers who make chocolate from bean-to-bar. They roast the cacao beans, crack and winnow them, grind them into chocolate, conche and then add their own unique spin while tempering, molding and packaging the chocolate. Many of these chocolate makers sell on their website, through retailers or at their own chocolate shops and cafes. I understand that there are many more large manufacturers, but this list is specifically about the craft movement.  If you see that I have missed any, please feel free to add it to the Comments below and I will then include it in this list, which will be updated regularly.

If you want to know where to buy a variety of craft chocolate, besides on each chocolate maker's websites, see the specialty bean-to-bar retailer list here.

List of Small-Batch, Craft Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Makers in America by State:


No craft, bean-to-bar chocolate makers known of.

No craft, bean-to-bar chocolate makers known of.


Lulu's Chocolate (Sedona, AZ) - A raw chocolate maker with a large range of chocolate bars sweetened with low-glycemic coconut sugar. This may not be a completely bean-to-bar producer, as they mention that they source their raw cacao from Pacari in Ecuador. Twitter: @luluschocolate www.luluschocolate.com

Chocoláte ~ Spirited Artisan Chocolat (Bisbee, AZ) – they make a selection of artisan confections from their own small-batch, single origin chocolate. Twitter: @spiritedcandies http://itschocolatews.com/
Stone Grindz (Phoenix, AZ) - Making dairy-free, soy-free and gluten-free chocolate from bean-to-bar in small batches using Arriba Nacional cocoa beans from Ecuador. They offer an 84% dark, 70% dark, 'Red Raspberry" dark chocolate as well as other flavours like Mint & Cashew and Cinnamon Cayenne.  They also make wholesome snack bars. Buy online or at local farmers markets in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Gilbert and Anthem, Arizona. Twitter:  @StoneGrindz http://www.stonegrindz.com/
Hello Cocoa (Fayetteville, AR) -  This bean-to-bar chocolate maker sources ethically and sustainably traded beans and some organic beans to make their chocolate, including bars like 57% Dark Ugandan origin chocolate and 74% Dark Venezuelan origin with Criollo beans. Available in several retail stores and can be ordered online. Twitter: @Hello_Cocoa   www.hellococoachocolate.com
Izard Chocolate (Little Rock, AR) - Founded in 2014 by Nathaniel Izard, making bean-to-bar chocolate, as well as dipped caramels and wrapped caramels. Focused on fair trade and organic ingredients. Learn more: www.izardchocolate.com.

KYYA (Elm Springs, AR) - This bean-to-bar chocolate maker offers origin chocolate bars and a milk chocolate with almonds, which is sold online or at various locations throughout Arkansas. They also offer a summertime chocolate-making camp, called Kamp Kyya, for kids ages 6 to 16, so your kids can learn how to make chocolate and bring home some goodies for you to try!  They also offer adult classes. Twitter: @kyyachocolate  http://www.kyyachocolate.com

Bar au Chocolat (Manhattan Beach, CA) – they produce single origin dark chocolate from just origin cacao and cane sugar. They use drum roasting, hand refining and aging as techniques in their 6-week chocolate making process. Several single origin bars, including Mexico, an origin not often found, are available on the website at $12 for 65 gram bars (this is one of the more expensive lines of craft chocolate, but the attention to detail and standards may make the price worthwhile). Bar au chocolat also works with chefs and chocolatiers to create custom chocolate that meets the professionals’ specific needs. Twitter: @BARAUCHOCOLAT  http://barauchocolat.com/contact/

Bisou Chocolate (Berkeley, CA) - All of Bisou's chocolate is dark (from 76% to 87%), vegan, sustainable sourced, and organic. It is also allergen free. You can buy their chocolate made from three origins (Nicaragua, Ecuador, Belize) at select locations in California. Twitter: @BisouChocolate  www.smallbatchchocolate.com

Bittersweet Chocolate Café* (Oakland, CA) - Their brand of bean-to-bar chocolate, Bittersweet Origins™, is made by Seneca Klassen, one of the founders.  Sourcing fermented beans, they roast, grind and create single origin Bali and Dominican Republic chocolate bars. They also make a ‘limited edition’ 72% Espresso bar.  They have three locations (http://www.bittersweetcafe.com/contact_us.html ) in Oakland and you can purchase chocolate on the website. Twitter: @bittersweetcafe  www.bittersweetcafe.com

Cello Chocolate (Nevada City, CA) -  A bean-to-bar craft chocolate maker (Ned and Debi Russell) that focuses on single origin beans to ‘showcase each region’s unique character.” They keep their ingredients simple, with just cocoa beans, sugar and cocoa butter and when available, Cello purchases Certified Fair Trade and Organic beans. They offer several origin bars, as well as Easter Eggs and hand-wrapped flowers!  Available at select retailers or buy online. Twitter: @CelloChoc www.cellochocolate.com

ChocoVivo (Culver City/Los Angeles, CA) - Choco Vivo grinds their chocolate using an old Mayan and Aztec technique of lava stones, leaving an interesting gritty texture. Because it is stone ground, the chocolate is not refined through rollers, conched or tempered.  ChocoVivo only makes dark chocolate.  There’s no milk powder, soy lecithin or additional cacao butter. Twitter: @CHOCOVIVO http://www.chocovivo.com

ChocXO (Irvine, California) - This new direct-from-the-bean factory makes chocolate bars, filled chocolates, chocolate bark and other specialties. The chocolate factory and tasting room is located in Irvine, but chocolate cafe's with ChocXO's product can be found in Lake Forest and Costa Mesa, California, as well as in Richmond, B.C. They also make couverture chocolate for home bakers and chocolatiers. www.chocxo.com

Dandelion Chocolate* (San Francisco, CA) – a bean-to-bar chocolate factory and cafe located in the Mission District of San Francisco. The started out by “growing small cacao plants” in their apartment and “roasting cacao beans in their oven”. They now give free chocolate factory tours and chocolate introduction classes regularly, as well as “Chocolate 201” classes on Sundays, as an introduction to making chocolate from the bean. They offer several origin bars, as well as roasted cocoa beans and custom chocolate bars. You can purchase in their factory & café, at several retail locations. or online. Twitter: @DandelionChoco   www.dandelionchocolate.com

DickTaylor Chocolate (Arcata, CA) – Dustin Taylor and Adam Dick are small-batch bean-to-bar chocolate makers who previously built furniture and wood boats. They hand craft chocolate with care and attention, and they only use organic cacao and organic cane sugar, leaving out vanilla, lecithin and additional cocoa butter in order to capture and highlight “subtle flavor nuances” in the beans. In addition to a range of single origin chocolate bars, DickTaylor offers a few interesting flavour bars, including “Black Fig” and “Maple Coconut”.  The chocolate is available at many, many retailers across the U.S., as well as in Canada and Europe. You can also purchase on their website. Twitter: @craftchocolate   www.dicktaylorchocolate.com

Fearless Chocolate (Berkeley, CA) - This ‘direct trade’ bean-to-bar chocolate maker is fully dedicated to being environmentally and socially responsible. Their chocolate is roasted at low temperatures to ‘preserve optimal nutrition’ and they offer very bold flavor combinations, like their 70% Cacao Exploding Coconuts chocolate bar. I wrote a blog article on their chocolate. Twitter: @beingfearless www.fearlesschocolate.com 
Firefly Chocolate (Windsor, CA) - Jonas Ketterle is the chocolate maker responsible for this new bean-to-bar company in Calidornia, making organic dark chocolate with coconut sugar. They offer free shipping with online purchases at: www.fireflychocolate.com.  Instagram: @firefly_chocolate

LetterPress Chocolate (Los Angeles, CA) - Microbatch, bean-to-bar chocolate made from beans of the Dominican Republic and Guatemala, as well as small batch tests, including different ferments of Ecuadorian-origin chocolate, as well as Nicaraguan-origin chocolate. They are working directly with farmers in Guatemala and are considered 'farm-to-bar'. Letterpress is just getting started and it seems that there is much more to come! Twitter: @LetterpressChoc www.letterpresschocolate.com

Marsatta Fancy Chocolates (Redondo Beach, CA) -  a chocolate confectioner who also makes some bean-to-bar chocolate, and a mean chocolate croissant, from the looks of it! They offer a few single plantation dark chocolate bars made from the bean, which can be purchased online. Twitter: @Marsatta  www.marsatta.com
Mancali Craft Chocolate (Tustin, CA) - new on the scene in bean-to-bar craft chocolate. Offers a 2-ingredient (cacao and cane sugar, no added cocoa butter) Madagascar bar. Instagram: @mancali_choc

Nibble Chocolate (San Diego, CA) - organic and vegan dark chocolate made bean-to-bar with just two ingredients: organic cocoa beans and organic cane sugar. Offers single origin chocolate bars, including Brazil, Madagascar, Peru and Dominican Republic in percentages ranging from 72% to 85%.  Nibble Chocolate also offers a monthly 'club' box. Twitter: @nibblechocolate www.nibblechocolate.com

Parliament Chocolate (Redlands, CA) – Parliament Chocolate is a small team of artisan chocolate makers who use only two ingredients: high quality cacao and organic cane sugar. They hand sort, roast, crack and winnow, refine the beans, and then temper them into “delicious piece(s) of quality chocolate”. (Ref). They sell two origin bars: a Boliva and Dominican Republic, as well as confections, syrups (used in local coffee shops) and Mayan Drinking Chocolate. Twitter: @ParliamentChoc  www.parliamentchocolate.com

PipeVine Chocolate (Chico, CA) - With a hand-built roaster and newly designed packaging, this chocolate maker seems to be just starting out. Learn more and watch the progress on Facebook or Instagram.

Sacred Chocolate (Novato, CA) - Sacred Chocolate® is bean-to-bar stone ground raw and vegan chocolate.  Their chocolate is stone ground under 115 degrees Fahrenheit and hand-crafted Sacred Steve and David Wolfe (author of the book ‘Naked Chocolate’). They sell rectangular 1.33 oz bars, 1.44 oz hearts, and interestingly, they sell cacao beans with the dried fruit of the cacao pod on them.  You can purchase Sacred Chocolate’s products online. Twitter: @SacredChocolate  @SacredSteve & @DavidWolfe www.sacredchocolate.com  

Starchild Chocolate (Willits, CA) - an artisan bean-to-bar husband-wife team making chocolate with organic coconut sugar. Making origin bars and chocolate bars with inclusions. Buy in store or online. Twitter: @Starchildcacao  www.starchildchocolate.com 

TCHO (San Francisco, CA)  - Considered by some bean-to-bar, but maybe not considered ‘craft’ chocolate any more with their chocolate now available in 5,000 Starbucks locations across the U.S. and 300 specialty stores, including some Whole Foods. They source their own cacao beans directly from farmers and “control every step of the process from fermentation and roasting through conching, molding, and packaging.” They sell a large variety of chocolate bars, baking chocolate and other chocolate-related products. They also sell a professional line of chocolate called TCHOPro in 3kg bags. Twitter: @TCHOchocolate  www.tcho.com

The Oakland Chocolate Company (Oakland, CA) – makes chocolate exclusively from Jamaican beans and works with the worker-owned co-operative directly to ensure quality and partnership. Make many kinds of chocolate, not just bars.  In fact, they classify themselves as a bean-to-bar-to-bonbon company! Not on Twitter. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Oakchoc www.theoaklandchocolateco.com
Twenty-Four Blackbirds Chocolate (Santa Barbara, CA) - They complete every step of the chocolate-making process in their small factory in downtown Santa Barbara. They offer some nice high-percentage dark chocolate made from single origin beans, including Madagascar, Dominican Republic, and Bolivia. They also sell drinking chocolate in regular and bulk packages, as well as roasted cocoa nibs. What's more, Twenty-Four Blackbirds Chocolate has some of the nicest looking packaging and graphics in the market! You can purchase their chocolate at a variety of retailers across the U.S. Find them on Facebook herewww.24blackbirdschocolate.com


Dead Dog Chocolate (Denver, CO) – This bean-to-bar chocolate making team certainly has one of the most interesting business names that I’ve heard. But what makes them different is that they use the entire cacao bean. They save the roasted cacao shells to make cacao-infused tea and the nibs are used for chocolate bars, Mexican-style drinking chocolate, truffles and even mole sauce. They are also devoted to sustainably sourced cacao. You can purchase their products online or in select locations in Colorado. Twitter: @DeadDogChoco www.deaddogchocolate.com.

DeVries Chocolate* (Denver, CO) – started in 2005, one of the earliest craft chocolate makers.  There was a suspension of business at one point and I am unsure of the current status of operations. www.devrieschocolate.com.

Nuance Chocolate (Fort Collins, CO) - This bean-to-bar chocolate maker has a whole range of single origin chocolate bars, including a 55% Dark Vanilla Milk bar and a Dark Zurich Milk chocolate. The website is not up and running yet, but once it is, you can find it at: www.nuancechocolate.com.  For now, Nuance Chocolate's Facebook page is a main source of information on the company and its products: https://www.facebook.com/nuancechocolatecompany. Twitter: @NuanceChocolate.


No craft, bean-to-bar chocolate makers known of.


No craft, bean-to-bar chocolate makers known of.

Castronovo Chocolate (Stuart, FL) - In their factory and tasting room, Castronovo handcrafts chocolate from bean-to-bar. They produce single origin chocolate (they have recently been working with beans from Nicaragua, among several others) and they also make chocolate truffles, confections, like bonbons and meltaways, white chocolate and chocolate chip cookies. They import cacao from Latin American estate farms and cooperatives that are "known for the quality of their beans and fairness to their workers". Find them on Facebook  www.castronovochocolate.com

Cao Chocolates (Miami, FL) - Makes 100% Venezuelan origin chocolate, truffles, and confections from bean to bar. http://www.caochocolates.com

Exquisito Fine Chocolates (Miami, FL) - focused on ethically sourcing cocoa beans for their chocolate, and making everything from scratch. This chocolate maker also loves to make gourmet marshmallows. Find out more at: www.exquisitochocolates.com .


Cacao Atlanta Chocolate Co. (Atlanta, GA) - Founded by Kristen Hard, they specialize in the creation of ‘origin-driven’ bean-to-bar chocolate and confections. Their chocolate is available in one company-owned retail location and at least 7 other locations in Georgia, as well as at retailers in 9 other states. You can also purchase online. Twitter: @Cacaoatlanta www.cacaoatlanta.com

Cosecha Chocolate (Atlanta, GA) - Making single origin Panama dark chocolate bars from 65% to 100% cacao in Atlanta, Georgia. Katie Garstin loves dark chocolate and fell in love with cacao while living in Panama, and is passionate about her craft. Learn more at: https://www.cosechachocolate.com/. Follow on social media @cosechachocolate.

Xocolatl Chocolate (Atlanta, GA) - The couple who started this business was inspired by bean-to-bar chocolate makers in Costa Rica while living there. When they moved back, they began making two-ingredient chocolate (cacao and cane sugar) from the bean and opened Xocolatl in Krog Street Market at the end of 2014. Interestingly, they make a 60% chocolate bar with coconut milk, vanilla-infused sea salt and nibs, as well as two-ingredient single origin bars in the 70% and 85% range. Find them on Twitter at: @XOAtlChocolate and online: www.xocolatlchocolate.com .

Mills Family Chocolate (Atlanta, GA) - Making dark chocolate in the United States from cocoa beans imported from the founder's family estates in Trinidad. Started October 2016. No website as of yet, but you can follow them on Instagram: @mifamchoc.

SUPPLIER TO THE BEAN-TO-BAR INDUSTRY! CocoaTown LLC (Roswell GA) – A developer and distributor of Grinders, Melangeurs, Accessories, bean crackers, roasters, and pre-grinders (personal/home use), etc.  They also sell Trinitario cocoa beans from Brazil. Twitter: @Cocoa_Town www.cocoatown.com


Garden Island Chocolate/ Nanea Chocolate (Kauai, Hawaii) - Garden Island Chocolate grows it and makes it! And like the other Hawaiian chocolate makers, they also use an interesting range of flavors in their chocolate, such as their Macadamia nut and Coconut bar or 85% Alaea Sea Salt bar. They also offer a 60% Coconut Milk chocolate bar (it’s easy to go dairy-free in Hawaii!). Farm tours are also available. (Not on Twitter) www.gardenislandchocolate.com

*Lonohana Hawaiian Estate Chocolate (Honolulu, Hawaii) - This tree-to-bar chocolate company makes chocolate in small batches in a factory in Honolulu and they release "three unique batches every eight weeks." They make both pure chocolate bars and inclusion bars that incorporate organic Hawaiian-grown spices, fruit and other ingredients. Twitter: @lonohana www.lonohana.com

Madre Chocolate (Honolulu, Hawaii) – Winner of at least six Hawaiian, US and International chocolate awards, this Hawaiian chocolate maker purchases cacao beans from organic farm cooperatives in Central America and Hawaii to craft their chocolate in small batches. They use hand-selected traditional fruits and spices to create phenomenal flavours, and their Triple Cacao bar has won many awards (it is also likely the only chocolate bar in existence that includes tangy cacao pulp). They also sell a bean-to-bar kit so you can get started making chocolate yourself (this is how I started) and offer classes in Hawaii – a great way to start learning while on vacation! Twitter: @madrechocolate www.madrechocolate.com

Manoa Chocolate (Kailua, Hawaii) is a Premier Bean to Bar Chocolate Company based in Kailua, Hawaii. They offer a four-bar chocolate box made with Hawaiian origin chocolate, but they also offer other origin bars in limited releases. Interestingly, they also make a 69% Goat Milk chocolate bar and a 60% dark-milk chocolate bar. And like Madre, they utilize a lot of local spices and ingredients to create unique flavour combinations. If you are vacationing in Hawaii, daily tours are offered at 2:00 p.m. (except Sundays). Buy online or in stores both nationally or internationally. Twitter: @ManoaChocolate www.manoachocolate.com
The Original Hawaiian Chocolate Factory (Kailua-Kona, Hawaii) - They “grow, hand-pick, sun-dry and process only Hawaiian grown cocoa beans, non-blended to assure purity and quality.” The chocolate comes in three flavours (milk, dark and Criollo dark chocolate) and in bars or in small or large chocolate pieces in the shape of their signature Plumeria flower. They also sell roasted cacao nibs, so you can make your own! Farm tours are available two days a week with advance booking required. What a great way to spend your time in Hawaii! E-mail: info@ohcf.us  (not on Twitter) www.ohcf.us.


Sandpoint Chocolate Bear (Sandpoint, Idaho) – COMING SOON! The owner says they will be starting to make chocolate from bean-to-bar soon. Currently they make confections, like sea salt caramels and fudge and offer ice cream.  They are located one hour south of the Canadian border. www.sandpointchocolate.com   


Ethereal Confections (Woodstock, IL) - Founded by Mary Ervin and Sara Ervin as a result of a "shared passion for working with chocolate", this fun chocolate café makes bean-to-bar craft chocolate and chocolaty confections. They sell at least three origin bars (Ecuador, Dominican Republic and Belize) in store and online. Twitter: @EtherealConf  www.etherealconfections.com/bean-to-bar.

Violet Sky Chocolate (South Bend, IN) - Bean-to-bar, single origin chocolate bars, including Madagascar, Belize, Peru, Guatemala and more to come. Their chocolate bars are sold at the Purple Porch Co-Op in South Bend. Find them online at: http://violetskychocolate.com/.

Davis Chocolate (Mishawaka, IN ) – Making a range of bean-to-bar chocolate in Indiana. You can buy their bars online.  In addition to chocolate bars, Davis Chocolate also has couverture, cacao butter and ‘powdered cacao nibs’ that can be sprinkled over food, as well as liquid chocolate for use as sauces and syrups. Twitter: @DavisChocolate  http://www.davischocolate.com/

No craft, bean-to-bar chocolate makers known of.

No craft, bean-to-bar chocolate makers known of.


No craft, bean-to-bar chocolate makers known of.


Acalli Chocolate (New Orleans, LA) - This bean-to-bar chocolate is handcrafted in New Orleans. Their new packaging shows a predominant Peruvian chocolate origin, and an interesting 65% dark-milk chocolate with cocoa nibs. Acalli's El Planatal 70% chocolate bar, made with cacao from Chulucanas, Peru, won a 2015 Good Food Awards. Twitter: @AcalliChocolate  www.acallichocolate.com

No craft, bean-to-bar chocolate makers known of.


Sibu Sura  Chocolates (Myersville, MD) - a single origin, artisan micro-batch chocolate producer that uses 100% USDA Organic and Fair Trade Certified Peruvian beans. They make solid chocolate, chef’s block bars, coffee beans mixed with cacao nibs for a flavored caffeinated beverage, flavored bars, and roasted cocoa beans. Twitter: @SibuSura www.sibusura.com

SPAGnVOLA (Gaithersburg, MD ) – this is a very different American bean-to-bar chocolate maker because they hand pick the cacao pods themselves. Half the family grows the cacao on their estate in the Dominican Republic, and the other half processes and sells it in MD. So this is true “single estate” chocolate. The factory and chocolate shop is in Gaithersburg, MD. In addition to the factory store, you can purchase SPAGnVOLA chocolate at two other company-run boutiques in Maryland, as well as on their website. Twitter: @SPAGnVOLA  http://www.spagnvola.com/


Rogue Chocolatier* (Three Rivers, Massachusetts) - This is a craft, bean-to-bar chocolate maker who sources the finest beans from single-origin sources like Peru, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Trinidad and Tobago and Honduras. They work directly with the farmers to ensure quality and fair trade. Rogue Chocolatier has won several awards, including the Good Food Awards for 2011, 2012 and 2013. Twitter: @RogueChocolate  http://www.roguechocolatier.com/

Chequessett Chocolate (North Truro, MA) - This Cape Cod craft chocolate maker is open seasonally and offers drinking chocolate, ice cream and all sorts of coffee beverages in their café, in addition to bean-to-bar chocolate. You can also buy online starting again in February. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ChequessettChocolate  Web: www.chequessettchocolate.com

Goodnow Farms Chocolate (Sudbury, Massachusetts) - This chocolate is made on a 225-year old farm by founders/chocolate makers Tom and Monica. They make a 70% dark chocolate with maple sugar (Guatemala origin), a 60% Mexico with almonds, and a Nicaragua 60% with coffee. More chocolate flavours and origins can be expected in future. Twitter: @GoodnowFarms www.goodnowfarms.com

Taza Chocolate* (Somerville, MA) – Taza makes organic, stone-ground chocolate bars by hand from organic Direct Trade cacao beans. They make “Chocolate Mexicano Discs”, various-percentage chocolate and flavoured bars, treats and baking chocolate. They also offer factory tours. Online, you can see how your specific batch of chocolate was made by entering the ‘batch #’ on your Taza chocolate package. Twitter: @TazaChocolate www.tazachocolate.com


Just Good Chocolate (Lake Leelanau, MI) - This chocolate maker began by making a cacao-based snack called 'Nibblers' and has since moved on to making chocolate from the bean. Their goal is to become a "full scale, fair trade, organic, wind & solar powered bean-to-bar chocolate factory." Currently they make three flavours of single origin chocolate, packaged brownies, hot cocoa mix which you can buy online or find in select stores. www.justgoodchocolate.com

Mindo Chocolate Makers* (Dexter, MI) The owners, Jose Meza and Barbara Wilson, have a very interesting story of how they began to make chocolate in Ecuador and then opened their bean-to-bar chocolate business in Michigan. They work directly with the farmers in Ecuador and they offer a large variety of flavoured Ecuadorian chocolate bars, as well Signature 67% and 77% 100 gram bars made from heirloom “Nacional” cacao beans. They also sell baking chocolate in three percentages of cacao, Cocoa Liquor and Cocoa Powder. You can buy all of their products on their website or at a large number of retailers in Michigan. Twitter: @MindoChocolate http://mindochocolate.com


Meadowlands Chocolate Company (Meadowlands, Minnesota) - Located about 45 miles NW of Duluth, Beryl and Clyo are artists who also make chocolate in a small factory where they roast, winnow, grind, conch, temper and wrap their chocolate in small batches. They use beans from Belize, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, and Nicaragua. They just use organic cane sugar and cocoa butter – no other ingredients. You can buy online here. Twitter: @MeadowlandsChoc www.meadowlandschocolate.com


Askinosie Chocolate* (Springfiled, MO) – Owned by former criminal lawyer-turned-chocolate maker, Shawn Askinosie. Offers a large range of origin chocolate bars, including Tanzania, Honduras, Ecuador and more, flavoured “CollaBARation” bars, and even a variety of goat's milk white chocolate bars (a rarity in the craft, bean-to-bar chocolate world).  They also sell roasted Tanzanian cocoa nibs and bulk roasted cocoa nibs. You can purchase their chocolate online. Read more about them and my visit to their factory here. Twitter: @askinosie  www.askinosie.com

Patric Chocolate* (Columbia, MO) – Alan McClure, the founder of Patric Chocolate, spent a year in France during his 20s and chocolate became an “all consuming passion” (this is also exactly what happened to me!).  Now he creates fine single origin, blended and flavoured bars that have won Good Food Awards three years in a row. You can buy Patric Chocolate on the website. Twitter: @PatricChocolate   http://patric-chocolate.com/

Burnt Fork Bend Chocolate (Stevensville, MT) - Handcrafted, bean-to-bar chocolate made into bars with unique names. They make two dark bars in 72% and 62%, as well as a dark-milk chocolate bar with 60% cocoa solids. You can purchase Burnt Fork Bend chocolate at several Montana retailers (see list here) or e-mail an order to cocoa@burntforkbend.com to be shipped to you. www.burntforkbend.com


No craft, bean-to-bar chocolate makers known of.


Hexx Chocolate (Vegas, NV) - Making origin tasting chocolate in the Paris Las Vegas, this bean-to-bar chocolate maker uses only two ingredients: cacao and organic palm sugar. Guests can watch chocolate being made at Twenty XX Degrees. In addition to origin chocolates such as Peru, Tanzania, Madagascar and more, they also sell confections, candy and ice cream. There is also another location at the MGM Grand Hotel. Twitter: @hexxchocolate www.hexxchocolate.com

New Hampshire

Vicuña Chocolate (Peterborough, NH) -  A bean-to-bar chocolate factory and café that makes a variety of handcrafted chocolate bars, pastries and hot chocolate. Chocolate bars include: Pure, Maras Salt, Cocoa Nibs, Coffee and Yellow Chili. Twitter: @VicunaChocolate www.vicunachocolate.com

New Jersey

Glennmade Craft Chocolate (Hoboken, NJ) - craft chocolate made cacao from Toledo District, Belize, and soon to be some from Guatemala, as well as dark chocolate bonbon gifts.  Twitter: @glennmade www.glennmadeconfections.com

New Mexico

Chokola (Taso, New Mexico) - Owned by Javier and Deborah (Vincent) Abad Etxaniz (ref), this new bean-to-bar chocolate maker is roasting, sorting and grinding cacao beans and turning them into single origin chocolate bars, as well as chocolate tarts, truffles and other delectable treats.  The website is under construction (http://www.casachokola.com/) but you can visit them on Facebook or on Instagram at: @chokolabeantobar.
New York

Antidote Chocolate (Brooklyn, NY) - they make "raw + roasted" chocolate from the bean using a proprietary method to keep their chocolate as minimally processed (and heated) as possible.  Flavours include Lavender & Red Salt, Banana & Cayenne, Almond & Fennel and more. Twitter: @AntidoteChoco   www.antidotechoco.com

Cacao Prieto (Brooklyn, NY) - 100% Organic chocolate made from beans from the family farm in the Dominican Republic. They aim to 'link the best of the New and Old worlds to re-define the manufacture, processing and, of course, the pleasures of chocolate."Cacao Prieto also makes rums and liqueurs with flavours derived from the cacao fermentation process. Bean-to-bar couverture chocolate can also be purchased from Cacao Prieto. Buy in stores or online. Twitter: @CacaoPrieto  www.cacaoprieto.com

Dalloway Chocolate (Brooklyn, NY) - Making single-origin bean-to-bar chocolate in Brooklyn, including Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Peru origin dark chocolate bars. Visit their website at: www.dallowaychocolate.com or on Intagram @dallowaychocolate.

Dark Forest Chocolate Makers (Lancaster, NY) - Western New York's only bean-to-bar chocolate maker, serving the Buffalo area. They make soy-free and nut-free chocolate, as well as vegan chocolate bars. Learn more on the website at: https://darkforestchocolate.com/.

Mast Brothers Chocolate (Brooklyn, NY) Rick and Michael Mast make and sell single estate and single origin chocolates (including Belize, Papua New Guinea, Dominican Republic and Madagascar), as well as their own ‘house blends’. They have also partnered with farms to create great flavour combinations. They also now have an amazing family recipe book. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mastbrothers  www.mastbrothers.com 

Fruition Chocolate* (Shokan, NY) - a small-batch bean-to-bar chocolate maker in the Catskill Mountains of New York.  They offer a unique range of chocolate, including limited edition origin and flavoured bars, as well as chocolate-covered cacao nibs, “Brown Butter Bourbon Caramels”, a “Toasted White” chocolate bar, a 100% bar and more unique offerings. You can purchase their chocolate online or find a retailer listing here. They are a member of the Craft Chocolate Makers of America (www.craftchocolatemakers.org). Twitter: @TasteFruition  www.tastefruition.com

Jacques Torres Chocolate (New York, NY) – with five locations, this bean-to-bar chocolate maker may now be verging on ‘manufacturer’ rather than small ‘craft’ chocolate maker, however, his products are still fully artisan-made and beautiful. Created by a master pastry chef who was raised in France, this business is drenched in European chocolate flair. In addition to solid bean-to-bar chocolate, you can purchase Champagne Truffles, confections, drinking chocolate, chocolate-covered delights and more.  Purchase online or in stores. Twitter: @jacquestorres www.mrchocolate.com

Raaka Chocolate (Brooklyn, NY) – Raaka ‘Virgin’ Chocolate is stone-ground and made with low-temperature techniques in order to preserve “the delicate flavors of raw cacao”.  With their Bourbon Cask Aged Chocolate bars and now, ‘Smoked Nibs’, Raaka is certainly all about trying new techniques to create interesting and delicious new flavour experiences. They also offer a Coconut Milk 60% chocolate bar. Purchase bars, gift packs and monthly subscriptions online or at a number of stores across the U.S. Twitter: @RaakaChocolate  www.raakachocolate.com
Sol Cacao (Harlem, NY) - These chocolate makers (the Maloney brothers) were born and raised in a cacao-growing region: Trinidad and Tobago.  They use only two ingredients to make their chocolate:  cacao beans and raw cane sugar. Their philosophy is built around "taste, quality, health and longevity" and their mission is to use high quality beans sourced ethically and humanly.  Twitter: @SolCacao  www.solcacao.com  
North Carolina

Black Mountain Chocolate* (Black Mountain, NC) – From bean-to-bar, Black Mountain Chocolate makes a single origin Dominican Republic, flavoured chocolate bars, and a 53% dark-milk chocolate bar made with goat milk. They also offer one pound bags of 70% dark baking chocolate ‘chunks’ and 8 oz bags of roasted cacao nibs. Also, Black Mountain Chocolate is opening a ‘Visible Factory’ in 2014. Twitter: @BlackMtnChoc   www.blackmountainchocolate.com  

Escazu* (Raleigh, NC) - Escazu has directly sourced fine cacao since 2008, and they roast and grind the cacao on antique equipment. They handcraft chocolate bars from bean-to-bar as well as confections, truffles and more. They make chocolate from four origin beans, including two from Venezuela. You can buy their chocolate online or in their Raleigh store. Twitter: @EscazuChocolate www.escazuchocolates.com

French Broad Chocolates* (Asheville, NC) - They roast, crack, winnow, grind, conche and temper chocolate in small batches and directly import “fine flavor cacao from small farmers”. They have a nine-bar collection of bean-to-bar chocolate, including a dark-milk chocolate with as high as 60% cacao solids! French Broad Chocolate can be purchased online, in their Chocolate Lounge, at their Factory store or in a large variety of retailers in North Carolina and beyond. Twitter: @fbchocolates  www.frenchbroadchocolates.com

It’s Chocolate! (Winston-Salem, NC) – they make several origin bars and some flavored bars from bean-to-bar and do everything from “roasting to wrapping”. They also offer bars from several bean types, like Forestero, Trinitario and Criollo, and several flavors including a bacon bit bar!. Sold at several retailers. Not on Twitter. www.itschocolatews.com.
Santosha Chocolate (Asheville, NC) - Raw chocolate that is stoneground and certified organic, vegan, soy- and GMO-free and low GI because it is made with coconut palm sugar. In addition to a single-origin 85% Peru, they also offer such flavors as:  Coconut & Black Lava Salt, Citrus & Maca, and others. Twitter: @RAWSHAKTI   www.santoshachocolate.com  

Videri (Raleigh, NC) - Bean-to-bar chocolate factory and café located in the heart of the Warehouse District in downtown Raleigh, with a confections counter and chocolate bars sold by the box.  All of Videri's chocolate is made with organic cocoa beans, organic cane sugar and cocoa butter and free of soy lecithin, additives and artificial flavour. Guests can take a self-guided factory tour or sample chocolate at the retail counter. A factory renovation is under way and Videri will be able to make even more chocolate when the renovation is complete in April or May of 2015. If you can't make it to the factory, you can buy Videri's chocolate on their website. Twitter: @viderichocolate   www.viderichocolatefactory.com

North Dakota

No craft, bean-to-bar chocolate makers known of.


Finca Chocolate (Logan, OH) - makes chocolate from bean-to-bar in small batches with a few choices of dark chocolate and milk chocolate, as well as bulk chocolate for chocolatiers.  The0020chocolate is organic and Fair Trade. They also make Goats Milk Chocolate. Twitter: @hanklechocolate http://www.fincachocolate.com/

Maverick Chocolate Co. (Cincinnati, OH) – This new business advertises: “bean-to-bar chocolate for the adventurous palate”. The chocolate makers are Paul Picton and Marlene Picton.  Although the business may not be fully selling their products yet, as the website still says “Coming Soon!” Twitter: @MaverickChoco www.maverickchocolate.com

Ohiyo Chocolate (Columbus, Ohio) - All chocolate by Ohiyo is handcrafted in small batches with no fillers or additives, and ingredients that are "ethically and sustainably sourced." Products are currently sold in local shops only, learn more on Facebook: https://facebook.com/OhiyoChocolate and on the web at: www.ohiyochocolate.com.


SUPPLIER TO THE BEAN-TO-BAR INDUSTRY! Chocolate Alchemy (Eugene, OR) – This business sells bean-to-bar kits, equipment, cacao beans, nibs and other raw ingredients, and more, although they do not make chocolate (from what I can tell), but they have experience with making chocolate and are devoted to assisting others with their bean-to-bar ventures. www.chocolatealchemy.com.

SUPPLIER TO THE BEAN-TO-BAR INDUSTRY!  Meridian Cacao (Portland, OR) - a "purveyor of fine cacao" who supplies to the growing bean-to-bar market.  They seek to find world class cacao beans from different origins with "established unique flavor profiles" by working directly with the farms and estates who grow cacao. Twitter: @MeridianCacao  www.meridiancacao.com

Lillie Belle Farms Chocolate (Central Point, OR) – A good range of bean-to-bar chocolate with fun names. They also make an interesting range of flavored chocolate bars, including a milk chocolate with cultured powdered buttermilk and a 50% milk chocolate made with powdered ‘Blue Heaven Cheese’ – truly designed for foodies! Their chocolate is certified gluten free and vegan. Buy on their website, in their chocolate shop or at other select retailers. Twitter: @LillieBelleFarm www.lilliebellefarms.com.

Mana Chocolate (Portland, OR) - Bean-to-bar chocolate handcrafted in Portland Mana`s chocolate is sold in specialty shops in throughout Portland and in other locations in the U.S. They make origin chocolate bars currently in four origins (Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Peru and Venezuela) and all with 74% cacao - great for a chocolate tasting workshop! They also make ‘inclusion’ bars. Twitter: @manaportland www.manachocolate.com

Map Chocolate Co. (Eugene, OR)  - Bean-to-bar origin chocolate, as well as brewing chocolate, hot chocolate and baking kits sold on Etsy at: https://www.etsy.com/shop/mapchocolate . Launched November 2014. Twitter: @mapchocolate www.mapchocolate.com 

Pitch Dark Chocolate (Portland, OR) - This chocolate maker has a large range of 65% to 80% dark chocolate, as well as drinking chocolate and bulk chocolate for baking. Pitch Dark makes a unique Fiji bar and limited edition bars, including an 80% Johe from Matagalpa. Their goal is to highlight the unique flavours of their 'hand-picked' origin beans. Twitter: @PitchDarkChoco www.pitchdarkchocolate.com

Woodblock Chocolate* (Portland, OR) This craft chocolate business makes bean to bar origin chocolate.  They source, roast, conche, age, and temper origin chocolate in a ‘manufactory’ in Portland.  They make a few different origin bars, as well as a salted dark chocolate bar and a “Salt & Nibs” chocolate bar. Not on Twitter. www.woodblockchocolate.com

Treehouse Chocolate (Portland, OR) – The idea came to founder Aaron Koch while working on cacao farms in Hawaii (a job that he still does at times). His philosophy is to use only premium organic cacao, sourced direct from the farmers. Treehouse Chocolate sells two Dominican Republic chocolate bars on their website in packs of 5  - one with simply cacao beans and sugar and the other with alder-smoked sea salt. Twitter: @treehousechoc www.treehousechocolate.com  

Ranger Chocolate (Portland, OR) - Ranger produces small-batch chocolate made from three single origin Peruvian cocoa beans. The beans are ethically sourced; in fact, the founders travelled to Peru to find them.  They just opened a chocolate and coffee tasting room called Cup & Bar as part of a partnership between Trailhead Coffee Roasters and Ranger Chocolate, which looks like a delicious endeavour! Online shop coming soon. http://www.rangerchocolate.com/

Dulcinea Craft Chocolate (Beaver, PA) - This new craft chocolate maker moved to a commercial kitchen in November 2014 and has been making chocolate in small batches since. You can find their origin chocolate bars at a few local retailers. They use only organic, ethically-sourced ingredients. Twitter: @DulcineaChocola www.dulcineacraftchocolate.com 

MUCHOMAS (Philadelphia, PA) - A mission to help Nicaraguan cacao farmers to share their heirloom cacao with the world is what drives this chocolate maker. However, the entire bean-to-bar process is not done in the U.S. The beans are fermented and dried in Nicaragua, the couverture is made in Honduras and the bars and confections are poured in Ohio. The chocolate is distributed from Philadelphia. They make milk, dark and extremely dark (80%) solid chocolate bars and bars with inclusions such as almonds, coffee and sea salt. You can purchase online. Twitter: @muchomascacao www.muchomaschocolate.com.

Nathan Miller Chocolate (Chambersburg, PA) - This accomplished pastry chef moved into chocolate-making in 2010.  He has a full range of origin and inclusion bars, including an interesting 55% Gingerbread buttermilk chocolate bar and a 45% buttermilk bar (with no inclusions). Find them on Twitter: @NMChocolate or buy online: http://nathanmiller.myshopify.com/.

Rhode Island

No craft, bean-to-bar chocolate makers known of.

South Carolina
Batch Craft (Rock Hill, SC) - Coming Fall 2015, handcrafted chocolate bars made from bean to bar. Single origin chocolate bars for limited release.  So far, this South Carolina's only bean-to-bar craft chocolate maker!. http://www.batchcraft.com/

South Dakota

No craft, bean-to-bar chocolate makers known of.


Olive and Sinclair* (Nashville TN) – Slow-roasted and stone-ground chocolate in small batches using pure brown sugar for a southern flavour. They use a “combination of traditional methods, modern European technique and classic Southern flavors make Olive & Sinclair the NEW old-fashioned chocolate”.  Focusing less on single origin bars and more on Southern flavours, they make a range of interesting flavours, including Buttermilk White with Salt and Pepper.  They also sell a ‘jumbo baking bar’. Twitter: @olivesinclair  www.oliveandsinclair.com


Affinity Chocolate (Sugar Land, TX) - Affinity owners, Chris and Marisol, stone grind raw cacao and sugar for up to 30 hours for a smooth chocolate texture. Their chocolate is sold at the Farmer's Market at 198 Kempner St. in Sugar Land. Twitter: @AffinityChoco  http://affinitycraftchocolate.com

ISIDRO Chocolate (Austin, TX) - making chocolate with only two ingredients: fine cacao and organic cane sugar, this craft chocolate maker is making single origin bars with beans from the Dominican Republic, Madagascar, Peru and Belize.  They also make flavoured bars, including a cafe mocha and a chipotle bar. Twitter: @IsidroChocolate www.isidrochocolate.com

KISKADEE Chocolates (Austin, TX) - Kiskadee Chocolates makes single origin, organic chocolate with "la red" beans from the Dominican Republic.  They make bars, drinking chocolate and brewing chocolate. Twitter: @kiskadeechoc www.kiskadeechocolates.com

Mahogany Chocolate (Lubbock, TX) - a small batch, single origin bean-to-bar chocolate company that source cacao from farms in the Carribean, Central America and South America. Web page is just now in the process of being set up, but you can follow on Twitter: @MahoganyChaco  www.mahoganychocolate.com.

Sublime Chocolate (Dallas, TX) - Dallas' 'first' small-batch, bean-to-bar chocolate maker.  Their chocolate bars include a Madagascar origin bar and a Belize bar, and now they uniquely make a 65% Bolivian bar with an alternative sweetener: organic coconut sugar. Twitter: @Sublimechocolat www.sublimechocolate.com

SRSLY Chocolate (Austin, TX) - This craft chocolate maker uses organic cacao and organic cane sugar to make chocolate bars from bean-to-bar, including: a 70% dark, an 84%, a 70% with almonds and a 70% espresso bar with chili peppers. Their chocolate can be found in several locations throughout Texas, and also in Florida and Georgia. Twitter: @SRSLYchocolate www.srslychocolate.com

Tejas Chocolate (Houston, TX) - They roast cacao beans “low & slow” in their small chocolate “craftory” near Houston. They sell at least 7 different origin chocolate bars, and tasting squares, biscotti and bark among other product offerings. They also make a Dark-Milk chocolate bar with 55% cacao solids. You can buy Tejas chocolate online. @TejasChocolate  www.tejaschocolate.com .


Amano Chocolate* (Orem, UT) – Amano is an award-winning bean-to-bar chocolate brand. They make origin dark and milk chocolate, confections and treats and roasted cacao nibs. They have a factory store in Orem, Utah. You can also purchase their chocolate on their website.  Twitter: @AmanoChocolate www.amanochocolate.com

Coleman & Davis Artisan Chocolate (Provo, UT) - A soon-to-be bean-to-bar chocolate maker in Utah. More to come! www.colemananddavis.com

DURCI (Wasatch Range, UT) - this chocolate maker's goal is to produce "more complex flavor notes than those produced by traditional methods" (ref) and from what I've tasted of their chocolate so far, they are certainly doing that. With only three ingredients (cacao, cane sugar and cocoa butter), they are getting a lot of flavor out of their beans and working directly with cacao farmers to produce fantastic end results. Their chocolate is available to buy online. Twitter: @durcichocolate  www.durci.com

Millcreek Cacao Roasters (Salt Lake City, UT) - Dana Brewster and Mark DelVecchio roast the cacao beans, break and winnow the shells, grind the nibs, and refine the chocolate themselves. They use pure heritage Ecuadorian cacao called Arriba Nacional with a beautiful floral aroma and fine flavors. In addition to bars, they make “Cacao Tea” and sell raw and roasted beans. You can purchase on their website. Twitter: @MillcreekCacao www.millcreekcacao.com

Ritual Chocolate* (Park City, UT) - A small-batch, craft chocolate maker who originally made chocolate in Denver, but is now opening a new factory in Utah in March 2015. They make several origin bars, including Belize, Costa Rica and Balao, Equador. They also now have a flavoured coffee bar and a Fleur de Sel chocolate bar. You can purchase their chocolate on the website. Twitter: @RitualChocolate http://www.ritualchocolate.com
Solstice Artisan Chocolate (Salt Lake City, UT) -  An artisan chocolate maker who makes several different origin 70% dark chocolate bars. Their chocolate is available at many locations in Utah, as well as several other states and one location in Canada. Twitter: @solsticechoc     www.solsticechocolate.com

The Chocolate Conspiracy (Salt Lake City, Utah) – hand crafts chocolate from the bean “using raw, heirloom, organic, fair trade cacao beans”. Most of the cacao they use is Forastero variety and products are 100% raw, certified organic, certified fair trade and certified Kosher. They have a retail location in Salt Lake City, or you can buy chocolate from them online. Twitter: @chococonspiracy  www.eatchocolateconspiracy.com.


Blue Bandana Choc. (Bulrington, VT) - a micro-batch, craft chocolate maker with “bold, balanced origin chocolate”. http://www.lakechamplainchocolates.com/bars-hot-chocolate/blue-bandana-chocolate Twitter: @bluebandanachoc

Middlebury Chocolates (Middlebury, VT) - This micro-batch, bean-to-bar chocolate maker was established in 2010 with a focus on fairly traded cacao "from farms and co-operatives that promote long-term sustainable growth." They temper chocolate by hand on a marble slab, making them truly 'artisan'. On their website or in local stores, you can purchase origin bars, as well as chocolate with inclusions like vanilla and sea salt. The 'VerMonty' bar is certainly interesting: a 62% chocolate with milk, Vermont maple, cocoa butter pressed in house, coffee beans, and salt. Twitter: @MiddChoc www.middleburychocolates.com.

Cao Artisan Chocolates (Lynchburg, VA) - Artisan chocolate factory and lounge, making handcrafted chocolate from high grade cacao beans and organic cane sugar. Product line-up includes single origin bars, a tasting box, and truffles and confections. Twitter: @CaoChocolate    www.CaoArtisanChocolates.com

Frolic Chocolate (Charlottesville, Virginia) – they craft chocolate in small batches in their studio in the mountains of central Virginia. The chocolate-makers, Rene Shuman and Logan Byrd, make single origin bars that include single origin cocoa butter that they press themselves. They also make truffles from their bean-to-bar chocolate using quality, local and natural ingredients including: “hormone-free dairy, Virginia goat milk, seasonal fruits and berries, maple syrup, herbs and spices”.  Twitter: @FrolicChocolate http://frolicchocolate.com

Potomac Chocolate (Woodbridge, VA) -  their Upala 70% chocolate bars are made using cacao from the Upala district of Costa Rica and the only two ingredients are cacao beans and sugar. They also sell one chocolate bar made from cacao from Peru. I have tried this chocolate and loved it (read my review here). Twitter: @PotomacChoco  www.potomacchocolate.com

Upchurch Chocolate Company (Richmond, VA) - Making small batch, single origin chocolate bars with organic cacao and organic cane sugar. In addition to straight-up single origin bars, they make a Goat Milk chocolate bar called "The Friendly Bar". Ships to US locations only for online purchases. http://upchurchchocolate.com


Bellflower Chocolate Company (Seattle, WA) - This is one of the newest chocolate makers on the list, so new in fact that they are not opening until the Summer of 2015. Find them at their new Milk Bar opening at the Queen Anne Farmers Market in Seattle this summer. They want to make chocolate with a "Love for the earth and its provisions. Love for the people (they) work with. Quality of ingredients (they) source. (ref). Twitter: BellflowerCacao www.bellflowerchocolate.com

Fresco Chocolate* (Lynden, WA) – Fresco slow-roasts and stone grinds their cacao to make chocolate in small batches to offer a variety of origins. What makes them different from the competitors is: they publish the roast level (light, medium or dark) on each bar so the customer can compare the taste difference between roasts. They also publish the conche levels (none, subtle, medium and long) on each bar, providing their customers with in-depth knowledge to properly taste the chocolate. Then, they produce chocolate bars of the same origin and cacao percentages, but with differing conche and roast levels. This offers wannabe chocolate connoisseurs a unique learning and taste experience. Available at select retailers across the U.S., Canada, Europe and elsewhere. Twitter: @FrescoChocolat  www.frescochocolate.com

indi chocolate (Seattle, WA) – a small, family owned and operated bean-to-bar chocolate maker in Seattle, sourcing cacao from  a variety of origins, such as Honduras, Peru and Nicaragua. They also make a few flavored chocolate bars, as well as lip balm, body scrubs and lotions made from cocoa butter and chocolate. Additionally, they sell equipment for chocolate making on their website such as tabletop Premier Chocolate Refiners. Twitter: @indichocolate  http://indichocolate.com

Theo Chocolate (Seattle, WA) – Theo was first established in 2006 and I am not so sure they are 'small batch' anymore (but they are doing good things, so who cares!). They roast organic and Fair Trade certified cocoa, and were the first to do so in the United States (ref). They have a very large selection of chocolate bars, confections, caramels and specialty and gift items. I have tried both their mint bar and 85% bar, and their totally cool Bread & Chocolate bar, among others.  You can purchase Theo chocolate on their website  (for a great price of only $4 per bar, or $5 for their amazing Eastern Congo Initiative bars) or at a variety of retailers in the U.S. and Canada. Twitter: @theochocolate  www.theochocolate.com
Tease Chocolates (Tacoma, Washington) - specializes in bean-to-bar chocolate made with no refined sugar, soy free and dairy free.  Their chocolate bars have unique flavour combinations and very compelling packaging. Also makes confections, truffles and toffees. Find them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TeaseChocolates or Twitter: @TeaseChocolates

West Virginia

Appalachian Chocolate Company (Shepherdstown, WV) - Making single-origin chocolate with Rain Forest Alliance certified beans from Ecuador. Products include an 80% dark chocolate, a 75% dark-milk chocolate and a 60% dark-milk chocolate. Find them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Appalachian-Chocolate-Co-LLC.


Sjölinds Chocolate House (Mount Horeb, WI) – making small batch bean-to-bar chocolate in their café and bakery (also called the ‘chocolate house’). Learn more about their bean-to-bar process here: http://www.sjolinds.com/bean-to-bar/. Twitter: @Sjolinds www.sjolinds.com

Tabal Chocolate (Milwaukee, WI) - this small-batch bean-to-bar chocolate maker selects high quality, flavourful beans from around the world and converts them to chocolate using "a traditional Molino grinder made from Mexican volcanic stone." They make at least three origin bars (Costa Rica, Bolivia and Peru) as well as flavoured bars from these origins. You can also buy nibs and a sampler pack in their online store. @TabalChocolate  http://tabalchocolate.com


No craft, bean-to-bar chocolate makers known of.

Federal District: District of Columbia

Undone Chocolate (Washington, D.C.) - this newly launched craft chocolate making team is committed to organic chocolate. Their dark chocolate has only two ingredients: organic cacao and organic sugarcane. The beans are sourced directly from the farms where they are grown in the Caribbean, Central and South America. You can buy their chocolate online here. Twitter: @UndoneChocolate   www.undonechocolate.com

Inherited Territories:

American Samoa
Northern Mariana Islands
Puerto Rico
U.S. Virgin Islands

No craft, bean-to-bar chocolate makers known of in the above territories.

Other Suppliers to the Craft Chocolate Making Market (with unknown state):

Cocoa Pod Shop (USA) - Suppliers of dried Cocoa Pods for display or teaching, Authentic Jute Sacks, and Cocoa Beans from Ecuador (Arriba Nacional Cocoa Beans). Twitter: @thecocoapod  www.cocoapodshop.com.           


As I mentioned above, the creation of this list has been a moving target for a long time, so it is possible that I have missed a few new craft chocolate makers. If you know of others, or if you have suggestions for modifications to this list, please feel free to write it in the Comments below and I will try to make the changes as I see necessary. 

Now, it's time to work my way through the list and finish tasting them all!
Happy Chocolate Tasting to you!