Wednesday, June 4, 2014

CHOCOLATE AMATLLER - Perfectly portioned bars of deliciousness!

After having visited Barcelona, I know that art is a huge part of the every day life in that city. So when I saw the beautiful illustrations displayed on the packaging and website of the Chocolate AMATLLER brand, from Barcelona, I was not surprised.

The two 'single origin' chocolate bars that I tasted were: a 70% Cacao made from Ghana cocoa beans and an 85% dark chocolate made from beans of Ecuador. Both were very smooth (AMATLLER focuses on using the best technologies and techniques to produce fine chocolate) and had a fantastic melt-in-your mouth quality. And at 18 grams (0.63 oz), I found the chocolate bars to be perfectly portioned. What`s more, neither product included soy lecithin or any additives other than cocoa mass and sugar.

The 85% Cacao Ecuador bar is made of Forastero beans (Ecuadorian Arriba), but a fine flavour quality. I felt there was a strong vanilla flavour to it (although there is no vanilla in the chocolate) and I found it to be rich and absolutely delicious, with a bright flavour and no heavy acidity or bitterness.

The 70% Cacao Ghana chocolate bar was fruitier than the 85% Ecuador bar.  I liked it a lot, but I preferred the 85% bar (which is strange because I usually prefer a 70% chocolate over an 85%).

Chocolate AMATLLER also makes a white and milk chocolate, other origin bars, and also other types of chocolates in beautiful tins and packaging. Learn more here.

I purchased these two chocolate bars at McEwan's in Toronto.

Here are the package details:

Chocolates Simon Coll, S.A. (Barcelona, Spain)

Chocolate Negro 70% Cacao Ghana
Ingredients: Cocoa mass and sugar. Cocoa solids: 70% minimum.

Chocolate Negro 85% Cacao Ecuador
Ingredients: cocoa mass and sugar. Cocoa solids: 85% minimum.

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