Saturday, May 24, 2014

What's New in Chocolate on Manitoulin Island?

On Canada's Manitoulin Island, there is a superb chocolate destination in the town of Kagawong, where the tourists gather each summer to view the lovely Bridal Veil Falls. That chocolate shop is called Manitoulin Chocolate Works, which is jam-packed with treats for all kinds of chocolate lovers. And each year, the shop offers something new for its customers, which is much appreciated by the 'regulars' like myself.

The store re-opened for the 2014 summer season at the beginning of this month, and I had the pleasure of visiting this weekend. I was happily surprised to find some new items.  My most favourite was the chocolate-coated chips in both milk and dark chocolate.  I had not yet had the pleasure of tasting this sweet and salty combination and Manitoulin Chocolate Works really delivered on taste.  The dark chocolate was a perfect bitterness and paired very well with the salty chips. And even better was the crunch. Add to that the ingredients were natural, which makes it a winner in my book.

They also had some new imported chocolate bars, including the U.K.-based Chocolate and Love brand of organic chocolate, which included a deliciously bold-flavoured Coffee in a 55% dark chocolate and a tasty Chocolate with Caramel & Sea Salt in 55% dark chocolate.

I also found the Canadian brand, Brockmann's Truffini Chocolats, which are 100 gram chocolate bars with truffle-like centres. I chose the Double Dark flavour, which was rich with a melty-soft centre. The manufacturer is from British Columbia and focuses on making all natural chocolate truffle bars.

So if you are a Manitoulin resident or just visiting the Island this summer, stop by the Chocolate Works for your fix!  Learn more at:

And if you are a true chocolate lover or a traveling foodie and want to check out all that Manitoulin has to offer, also swing by the Loco Beanz Coffee Houses in Gore Bay and Little Current, The Island Jar in Little Current or Huron Island Time at Providence Bay beach for some organic chocolate creations by Ultimately Chocolate. You'll find the chocolate TOFFLE and the CacaoCookie, as well as some gourmet chocolate truffle tarts by Lisabeth (that's me!).

Have a great - and chocolaty - summer everyone!

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