Friday, May 30, 2014

Great Chocolate in Toronto: Soma's Newest Fine Chocolate Creations

Every visit to Soma Chocolatemaker in Toronto brings new surprises.  The last time I dropped in was in February, and found some new fine chocolate flavours (like wine-infused chocolate) to enjoy at Soma's King Street West location. And just last week, I visited again and found these new, tasty items by Canada's finest chocolate maker:

The Black Science Madagascar NIBS - Certified Organic Criollo cocoa beans (the best kind you can get) from the Sambirano Valley in Madagascar, roasted perfectly and tossed in dark chocolate. I loved this crunchy treat - it did not have any of the acidity that many other brands of chocolate-covered nibs have. Very healthy too with a whopping 82% Cacao Content. Certainly a new favourite of mine.

Walnut Flourless Chocolate Cake - oh yum!  They sold them in full size (about 6 servings) and in individual serving sizes.  This is like a giant truffle on a plate, and I actually enjoyed the walnuts. I purchased the small one and ate it for breakfast the following morning - delicious!

Dark Chocolate Gelato - wow! That was my first time trying Soma's Gelato and it was absolutely delicious and perfectly rich. What a treat.

Soma Black Science 70% Bahia Black chocolate bar - the cacao used to make this chocolate is grown in the volcanic soil of Brazil's Cadundós mountains, so it was bursting with flavour.  Soma's packaging described it as having hints of brownie and roasted grains, but I tasted a lot of sour red fruit - like a bold red wine.

Cacao Nib Bar 67% - this chocolate bar is on the sweet side with crunchy cacao nibs tossed into it for a good crunch. Good for a dark chocolate lover who does not like their chocolate to be "too" bitter. It has the bold aroma of Peruvian chocolate, but a mild and sweet chocolaty taste.

Soma's Chef's Blend of chocolate couverture - Since Soma's bean-to-bar chocolate is so highly revered and so very smooth, it only makes sense that they make chocolate that will enhance a pastry chef's creations.  This was my first time trying Soma's Chef's Blend.  It was smooth, low in acidity and had no specifically strong flavours other than the great taste of fine chocolate, which is good for a chef's blend chocolate so it can pair well with many different ingredients. I felt it would pair nicely with espresso, so I made an espresso torte on a toasted coconut crust with a whipped coffee-caramel topping. I will share the recipe in the very next post on this blog, so stay tuned!

If you are looking for great chocolate in Toronto, or want to order online or via e-mail, visit to Soma's website:  In addition to King Street West, they also have a location in the Distillery District of Toronto.


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  2. Soma Chocolatemaker in Toronto always surprises me with new and delicious food! They recently tried NIBS Black Science Madagascar, Walnut Flour Free Chocolate Cake, Dark Chocolate Gelato, and more. I love it, I will visit Toronto for chocolates!