Friday, November 11, 2016

Day 1 of The Chocolate Unconference: THE place to learn about making chocolate

Yesterday was a day of learning for me. It was all chocolate talk, all day long. And boy did I love it.

The Chocolate Unconference in Seattle is a place for chocolate makers to learn from each other, to discuss their challenges and successes, and openly talk shop. It is also a great place to put faces to names that have lingered around the industry for years, and meet the wonderful people behind the chocolate that many of us bean-to-bar enthusiasts love to eat.

Yesterday I spent the day meeting all sorts of people, from cocoa bean suppliers to chocolate curators to chocolate makers.  I also met several equipment makers and suppliers, and learned more in one day  about equipment needs for a chocolate maker than I ever expected to. With the guys from Tomric and Selmi reps, Cocoatown and Spectra all at one meeting table, how could I not learn a thing or two?

As I head into today, I will absorb as much as possible, and meet many more chocolate makers, and hopefully taste a lot of their fine chocolate in this morning's group chocolate tasting session (that's right folks, there is no better conference to be at!).

I will report back tomorrow, and tell you all about it, along with the great finds at the Northwest Chocolate Fest in Seattle! If you are in the Seattle area, and want to explore the world of bean-to-bar chocolate on Saturday or Sunday, check the website for ticket information: