Tuesday, November 8, 2016

100% Dark Chocolates that Surprised Me

There is an enormous difference between the taste of a cocoa bean, unsweetened and freshly shelled, to the taste of that same cocoa bean ground into chocolate liquor. For some reason, I find the beans more palatable than unsweetened chocolate. The unsweetened chocolate can often be acidic and bitter, and generally tough to get down. But of course, some cocoa beans are special. And some chocolate makers have the magic touch and know just what to do with 100% dark chocolate, to reduce that natural acidity.

After my first few attempts at eating 100% dark chocolate made with Madagascar beans, I decided that I would avoid those fruitier, more acidic type of 100% chocolates in the future. I found most Madagascar-origin chocolate bars 100% (and even with as low as 85% cocoa solids) too acidic to be enjoyable. For me, a Madagascar really shines at about 60% to 70% dark chocolate - the sweetness balances the acidity and brings out the lovely fruit flavours in the bean.

So when I headed into a tasting of 100% Chocolat Madagascar and Sirene's 100% Madagascar and 100% Ecuador chocolate bars, I was not all that excited. But upon first taste of each chocolate bar, I was pleasantly surprised.

Sirene's two chocolate bars were very mild. In fact, the Ecuador was one of the most pleasant 100% chocolate bars I have EVER tasted. It was almost sweet on its own with a light cream and nuttiness. And the Madagascar bar was not boldly acidic, as I expected it might be. I still wouldn't say it showcased an overly 'fruity' flavour, as we often think of Madagascar chocolate, but it certainly allowed the flavours to shine.

The Chocolat Madagascar brand's 100% dark chocolate was also not as bold a I thought it might be. There certainly was a bitter edge to it and a bit of an acidic bite, but it was milder than some 100% Madagascar chocolates that I've tasted in the past. I did enjoy each piece and its bitter cocoa and lightly acidic aftertaste.

This tasting taught me not to give up on specific types of chocolate, and showed me how each chocolate bar is always a surprise. So if you are like I was, and wary of some 100% dark chocolates, just dive in and you might be pleasantly surprised! And if you haven't tried any 100% dark chocolate bars before, I strongly suggest the Sirene Ecuador-Madagascar duo as an introduction to unsweetened fine chocolate. See the picture and caption below for more information on this chocolate bar.

I am now heading off to the Craft Chocolate Maker's Unconference and the Northwest Chocolate Festival in Seattle for the remainder of the week! I can't wait to pick up more Sirene chocolate, along with a boatload of craft chocolate bars to tell you all about here on the blog! Have a great week folks!

These  two chocolate bars by Sirene are a great duo.
If you are new to 100% dark chocolate, they are nice and mild,
particularly the Ecuador chocolate bar - perfect to train your palate
and transition yourself to the boldness of 100% dark chocolate.
For more information, visit www.sirenechocolate.com.


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