Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Element of Surprise: Palette de Bine makes two chocolate bars that begin one way and end another

Palettte de Bine's two-ingredient chocolate is getting better and better every year. This Mont Tremblant chocolate maker started small, with just a few bars. Now, chocolate maker Christine Blais offers a variety of new single origin chocolate bars. She truly focuses on the pure origin flavour of the cacao used to make the chocolate, which is clear from the International Chocolate Awards she has won. The Palette brand can now be found at many retailers, not only in Quebec, but also in Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver and in a few locations in the United States.  Learn where you can purchase Palette de Bine chocolate here:

I was recently gifted two new origin chocolate bars made by Palette de Bine: a Belize 72% dark chocolate and a Guatemala 70% dark bar. I excitedly dug in, and discovered that thee two origins were full of surprises; both chocolates started off with one flavour profile and finished with another! And in both cases, the surprises were pleasant ones.

Palette de Bine's Belize origin chocolate bar is made with 'Mayan Mountain' cacao. Although it starts a little flat and stiff, it opens up to a full and pleasant array of fruit flavours, with a slight hint of lemon-lime. With 72% cocoa solids, it has a nice sweetness that complements the fruity taste. It is quite a lovely chocolate bar.

Palette de Bine's Guatemala origin dark chocolate with 70% cacao solids begins with a bold, in-your-face harsh woody acidic flavour that might be off-putting if it weren't for the lovely fruit flavour that quickly takes over your mouth. The melt leaves behind a nice, earthy organic fruit, plum and raisin flavour. After a few tastings, it becomes quite a memorable and enjoyable chocolate. It reminds me a bit of Izard's Guatemala bar, which I tasted and wrote about last week, although it is not exactly the same.

These two chocolate bars were purchased at JoJo CoCo in Ottawa. Learn more about this specialty chocolate retailer here:


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