Thursday, December 24, 2015

Last Minute Gift You Can Do Online - Give the Gift of Bean-to-Bar Chocolate!

Chocolate subscriptions are all the rage these days, especially in the UK with the regular Twitter excitement around Cocoa Runners. But did you know that we now have a few in North America?

So if you still don't have the perfect gift for that chocolate-obsessive person in your life, hurry up and buy a chocolate subscription for them!

I received a monthly subscription box from Choco Rush earlier this week, and in it was four bars of craft chocolate. That's right, quality bean-to-bar chocolate delivered straight to my door!  This month's box included:

  • An Original Beans Chocolate bar: the Beni Wild Harvest 66% chocolate bar is made from cacao grown wild in the Bolivian Amazon. It has amazingly complex bitter floral and tea flavours that are nearly hidden beneath the strong and sweet taste of honey. Very enjoyable.
  • An Amano single origin chocolate bar: the Morobe 70% dark chocolate is made from fine cacao grown in  Papua New Guinea.  This small 2 oz chocolate bar is packed full of tangy citrusy flavour, which is quickly overtaken by the taste of smoke. The smoke flavour is not overwhelming though, making this chocolate quite interesting and enjoyable.
  • An award-winning Castonovo Chocolate bar - made in sunny Florida, this 72% Columbian-origin dark chocolate won a Silver at the 2015 Academy of Chocolate awards. This chocolate bar has become one of my favourites.  Read my review here.
  • Ritual Chocolate's Fleur de Sel 70% chocolate bar has only three ingredients: cacao, organic cane sugar and fleur de sel (sea salt). It is a sweet and savoury combination of bold, bitter, and tangy sea salt flavour with a bit of sweetness to still call it dessert.

So hurry! You can still give the gift of bean-to-bar chocolate! You can buy gift cards for one-month, three month or six-month subscription boxes on Choco Rush's web page here:


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