Friday, December 11, 2015

Café Petit Gâteau: Wonderful coffee, tea, and chocolate treats can be found in Sudbury these days!

Yesterday I visited the cutest little café in downtown Sudbury. In fact, it was probably the tiniest café I have ever been to.  And what I discovered was some chocolaty deliciousness!  Not only did Café Petit Gâteau sell small squares of Michel Cluizel tasting chocolate as well as Michel Cluizel mushrooms, they also sold handmade dark chocolate truffles, chocolate cheesecake croquettes (I've never heard of a 'chocolate cheesecake croquette', but who cares because they were one of the most delicious things I've ever eaten!) and cute little lemon Madeleines. 

The chocolate truffles were bright and cool tasting, and were perfectly - more like luxuriously - textured. I only wish there had been more!

The Michel Cluizel mushroom was something I hadn't tried before, and was surprised that it was less chocolaty and more chewy-caramel with crunchy praline.  It wasn't my thing, but perhaps for those who like chewy caramel (who am I to argue with one of the world's finest chocolate brands?).

I regret not picking up some of the small squares of Michel Cluizel tasting chocolate (hint! hint! to my family members who work in the downtown), because it may be the only place in Sudbury that sells Michel Cluizel's fine chocolate right now.

So if you are in downtown Sudbury, Ontario and looking for a treat (or a great coffee or gourmet tea), check out this little café! Here are the details you need...

Café Petit Gâteau
129 Durham Street, Sudbury, Ontario

In Sudbury's South End?
If you in the south end of Sudbury, check out Salute Coffee Company on Armstrong Street for wonderful chocolate TOFFLEs (yup, those are my handmade chocolate confections from Manitoulin Island) and other amazing coffee and baked goods. Sudbury is certainly becoming the place to be to enjoy the finer things in life (ahem, coffee and chocolate of course).

Salute Coffee Company
2195 Armstrong St.
Sudbury, ON
Twitter: http://www/

Note: I was not paid or compensated to write this post - I just really enjoyed my experience there yesterday (and I can't stop thinking about those truffles!) so I thought I'd share.


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