Tuesday, July 21, 2015

barkTHINS back at Costco! This time it's the Dark Chocolate Almond bark!

Last year, I wrote about barkTHINS® snacking chocolate and I have been amazed at the response.  People everywhere have been searching online for more information about barkTHINS® at Costco. The Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Seed Bark was absolutely delicious, and just as quickly as it was at the bulk retailer, it was gone. So all those newbie barkTHINS® lovers out there have gone crazy trying to find it again.

On Saturday, I ventured into the city for a Costco shopping trip and immediately I noticed barkTHINS being sampled. I asked the sample-giver to lead me to the display and was so excited that I didn't even try a sample!  As it turned out, only one flavour of barkTHINS was available at Costco: Dark Chocolate Almond bark with Sea Salt. So I bought a bag and gave it a try.

The almond bark is very similar to the pumpkin seed bark that I tasted before. I personally preferred the Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Seed bark. Oh don't get me wrong, the almond bark is still just as addictive and quite tasty. It also is 'Packed with Almonds' as promised on the package. For some reason, I have always preferred my almonds whole and coated (panned) in a layer of chocolate, or just on their own. But chopped almonds in solid chocolate seems to be a popular combination, included in many chocolate bars, so other people must love it.  And the hint of sea salt makes it perfectly enjoyable and easy to reach for more.

The dark chocolate has a nice balance of sweet and salty. It is definitely not as bitter as a 70%, but not super sweet like some commercial dark chocolate brands out there (the percentage is not listed on the package or brand website, but I'd guestimate a 55% to 65% dark chocolate). The chocolate is also fair trade certified.

Funny thing, when I tried to take a picture of the bag, I put it in the grass for about, oh, 3 seconds, and a small ant clung on to the bag, and held on for dear life no matter how much I tried to shake it off.  He must have known this was good stuff!

In addition to Costco in Canada, and a slew of other retailers in the U.S., such as Wholefoods and Target, you can buy barkTHINS® online on Amazon for between $10 and $12 US.

Here are package details and ingredients from this flavour of barkTHINS® chocolate:

Dark Chocolate Almond with Sea Salt, barkTHINS® Snacking Chocolate, 482 g
Ripple Brands Collective (Congers, NY)
Ingredients: Dark Chocolate (Chocolate Liquor*, Sugar*, Cocoa Butter*, Soy Lecithin, Vanilla), Dry Roasted Almonds, Sea Salt.
*Fair Trade Certified by Fair Trade USA. Over 65% Fair Trade Ingredients.

Want to make milk or dark chocolate bark at home? Check out my Recipes page for several chocolate bark recipes that you can make in your own kitchen!

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