Thursday, July 24, 2014

Quadratini Chocolat: Italian Wafer Cookies so Delicious & Chocolaty.... might just eat the whole box!
Luckily these wafer cookies come in two sealed packages, so you can only eat half of the box in one sitting.  Unless you are very determined, of course.

I found the Dark Chocolate Quadratini Chocolat cookies at an Ontario-based Independent Grocer in the cookie aisle. They stood out to me because, for starters, they were clearly an imported Italian product, so I knew it would be flavourful and focus on quality ingredients.  Secondly, they came in Dark Chocolate, which is rare for a wafer cookie sold commercially at a grocery store. So naturally, these cookies found their way into my shopping cart.

What I like about European products, like this one, is that they fully disclose the amount of chocolate and cream, and not just the percentage of cocoa solids within the chocolate.  So these wafer cookies, for instance, have 33% plain chocolate in the cookie itself.  And that chocolate has 60% cocoa solids with precisely 4% milk solids within that. There are more percentages listed in the ingredients, but I think you get the picture.

The box promotes its product by printing "with natural ingredients" on the front of the package, which is another reason why I bought it (I try to stick to the natural stuff, always). And overall, their claim is accurate: the product's ingredient list contains no modified starch, no food colouring and no hydrogenated oil; I really only have issue with the glucose syrup. But for the occasional indulgence, these cookies are not so bad. What's more, they also come in bars (so you don't have to worry about eating half the box in one sitting)!

This product is made by Loacker (, a quality-focused Italian-based manufacturer located very close to the Austrian border. You can find the specific product information here.

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