Friday, March 21, 2014

Chocolate-Covered Treats for Weekend Snacking

We all have food phases. You know how it is, suddenly you find yourself craving one type of food for a week or a month, or however long the phase lasts. Well, I go through 'chocolate phases', where I crave specific kinds of chocolate for short periods of time.

I just went through one such chocolate phase that was rather fun.  I suddenly found myself purchasing treats and healthy snacks that were covered in chocolate. It started out a little less on the healthy side with chocolate-covered sponge toffee (although it was 'all natural' which offered less guilt) and moved to very dark chocolate-covered superfruit and rice cakes.

Today I am going to tell you about these great products (and where you can get them) because a chocolate-covered snack is the best kind of snack! 

1. David's All Natural Sponge Toffee is a very tasty sponge toffee with just the right sponginess-to-crunch ratio. I warn you: it might be difficult to NOT eat the entire 140 gram package in one sitting. Despite being a dark chocolate devotee, I happily tucked in to this milk chocolate treat. But next time, I will definitely try the dark chocolate version, available from Chocolate Signatures LP of Toronto. 

I bought David's Sponge Toffee at Loco Beanz Coffee House in Gore Bay, Ontario, but it is available in many different retailers. Follow Chocolate Signatures on Twitter or check their website for more information:

2. Organic Traditions is always surprising me with their amazing 'chocolate-covered' products and just how healthy they can be. First I fell in love with their 70% dark chocolate-covered hazelnuts, and now they are offering something even darker and, well, tart. The Dark Chocolate Golden Berries by Organic Traditions are made with a Dairy and Sugar Free 80% Dark Chocolate (sweetened with low-glycemic Yacon syrup) and organic dried golden Inca berries.

This is the most tart, sour and bitter combination they could come up with, but I really enjoyed each morsel's burst of flavour.  And what a great treat if you are following a Paleo or gluten-free eating plan, or just trying to reduce your cane sugar intake!

I bought this at Durham Natural Foods in Sudbury, Ontario (Twitter), but you can find out where to buy them in your area on the Organic Traditions website:

3. Dark Chocolate Enrobed Mangoes offer a slightly sweeter fruit-and-chocolate experience.  The flavour of the dark chocolate was paired perfectly with the tropical tanginess of the dried mango.  Although the pieces are rather large, one is definitely NOT enough! My entire family enjoyed these treats. This product was made by Barry Callebaut in Quebec for a Nature's Intent (an American business), but I was lucky enough to find them at Costco in Sudbury, Ontario!  They are also available in the U.S. on Amazon for $18.99 per bag.

4. Finally, milk and dark Chocolate-Covered Rice Cakes by Sarchio were the biggest hit at home last week. This uber-healthy treat from Italy was barely sweet, and had the added bonus of being a wheat-free snack option. The concept was so simple: a plain rice cake (yup, that means just organic whole rice and no other additives) with a small covering of 74% organic dark chocolate.

The milk chocolate version was slightly sweeter, but the rich organic milk chocolate still offered a reduced-sugar snack that left me feeling guilt-free. I bought these at Bulk Barn in Sudbury, Ontario. The Sarchio website is: for further product information.

I hope you enjoy a chocolate-covered weekend!

And now onto my next phase...whatever that might be.


  1. As per usual, the opinions above are my own! I am not paid or encouraged to endorse any product. I only write about products if I like them. If I don't like it, I don't write about it.

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