Monday, March 10, 2014

100% Dark Chocolate - SOMA versus SOMA

I never thought I could eat 100% dark chocolate.  At least, not until I tried Soma's Arcana 100% chocolate bar.  It was the first completely sugar-free chocolate that I could palate without cringing or wanting to drink a litre of water after one bite. In fact, I actually enjoyed it.  And if it was sold in my region, I would likely eat this 100% chocolate regularly. Who knew?

But then Soma introduced a new 100% chocolate bar called "Black Science, Arcana Chuao 100%".  Slightly sweeter, and less acidic, this chocolate is even more enjoyable than the original Arcana 100% chocolate.

The original Arcana 100% chocolate is made from a selected mixture of two bean types (which is different from a few years ago, where Soma used 4 bean types). However, Soma's newest Arcana chocolate bar is made from only one origin bean type: Chuao.

The Chuao cacao beans are from a region in Venezuela with the same name and are of the Criollo bean type, which are highly coveted for their excellent quality and flavour. Soma has used these beans to create this new 100% bar, which is the contributing factor to the sweetness of flavour and low acidity. In fact, it is so much sweeter tasting, that is almost seems like vanilla has been added, when I know that it has not. The beans simply speak volumes in this chocolate.

If you are contemplating a conversion (from eating sugar-added chocolate to 100% dark chocolate), I recommend that you start with Soma's Arcana 100% selection. This flavourful chocolate is pleasant on the palate and will ease you into the intensity.  It may cost you more, but it is worth it.

Here are the package details of the two chocolate bars that I tasted this week:

Black Science Arcana Chuao 100%, 45g
SOMA chocolatemaker (Toronto, ON)
Batch: AChu1
Cacao Content: 100%
Bean type: Criollo
Bean Origin: Venezuela
Ingredients: cacao beans. May contain trace amounts of nuts, dairy, soy & gluten.

ARCANA 100%, 45g
SOMA chocolatemaker (Toronto, ON)
Batch: A30
Cacao Content: 100%
Bean type: Flavour Grade
Bean Origin: El Vigia, Camino Verde
Ingredients: cacao beans. May contain trace amounts of nuts, dairy, soy & gluten.


  1. I can't imagine a day without a chocolate. I found this link:
    that shows all steps that involved in process of making chocolate bar.

  2. I would definitely enjoy the Arcana Chuao 100% more. As I absolutely love the Chuao Cacao Bean flavor profile, it's my favorite.

    I wonder if they sell these bars, especially the Chuao one, at Chocolate Covered in San Francisco @ -> they're a chocolate boutique carrying chocolate bars from around the world (and more). They also carry other 100% bars.