Sunday, September 4, 2011

More Mint and it's Divine!

Looking for some divine mint chocolate?  Well, Divine Chocolate Inc. has just the chocolate bar for you.  I've been trying to work through all the mint-flavoured chocolate in my tasting cabinet lately, and I am so happy that I pulled out this Divine chocolate bar.  On the package, they claim to make "Heavenly Chocolate with a heart", which just means that the chocolate is Fair Trade Certified, and on their website they are more specific in saying that they are 45% farmer owned. 
The Mint Dark Chocolate bar was very easy to eat (or should I say, very easy to eat quickly!).   It is a 70% dark chocolate bar that does not taste as bitter as many 70% bars do.  Plus it has nice little crunchy peppermint crisps in it.  The ingredients are natural, with no artificial flavouring.  It is reminiscent of Camino's Mint Dark Chocolate bar (, which I also like very much, and because it is not only Fair Trade Certified, but also made with Organic ingredients.  If you really like crisps in your peppermint chocolate, you can also try 36 Chocola's Mint Dark Chocolate Thins that are shaped like Pringles and eat like a chip.  They are not organic or Fair Trade, but they are certainly fun to eat.  But watch out, it is also too easy to eat too many of them!

Back to Divine chocolate, it is worth taking some time to visit to their web site. Check out the tasting guide web page - you can learn how to pair Divine chocolate bars with tea, with wine or with beer.  With this information, you can throw one awesome tasting party for your chocolate-loving friends.

Well, another great day satisfying my mint chocolate cravings! 

Here are the pacakge details from the Divine Mint package:

Divine Mint Dark Chocolate, 3.5 oz (100 g)
Imported from Germany & distributed by Divine Chocolate Inc.
Ingredients: cocoa mass*, sugar*, cocoa butter*, peppermint crisp 5% (sugar, peppermint oil), emulsifier: soya lecithin (non GM), peppermint oil, vanilla*. Chocolate contains: Cocoa solids 70% min. *Fair Trade Certified(TM).  Fair Trade Ingredients 94%. Contains Soya.  May contain trces of tree nuts, milk and wheat.

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