Friday, September 2, 2011

DAGOBA Mint Dark Chocolate with Rosemary: Subtle yet Smooth

Last night I tasted the DAGOBA Organic Chocolate "mint" with dark chocolate, mint & rosemary essence.  It had a nice flavour overall, however the mint was so subtle, I initially had trouble tasting it at all.  The same goes for the rosemary essence - well, I guess that's it, it is just the "essence" of rosemary.  The texture is nice and smooth and a 59% cacao offered a nice balance of sweetness.  Despite the mildness of the flavours, it is a really nice chocolate bar and the perfect size for a snack (2 oz/56 g).

What I also like about this chocolate bar is that it is made from organic ingredients and certified by International Certification Services, Inc. The manufacturers also claim that they "honor" Full Circle Sustainability(TM) principles, which according to them are "quality, ecology, equity and community." If you are curious about what all that means, the next time you buy a Dagoba chocolate bar, open the wrapper and turn it over, you'll learn more about the company than you might care to know. They certainly have found a unique way to fit everything they want to say on one tiny package. 

Here are the details from the package of this chocolate bar:
DAGOBA Organic Chocolate mint (dark chocolate, mint & rosemary essence), 59% cacao, 2 oz/56 g
Dagoba Organic Chocolate (a division of Artisan Confections Company), Ashland, OR, U.S.A.
Ingredients: Organic Dark Chocolate (cacao beans*, cane sugar*, cacao butter*, non-GMO soya lecithin,); peppermint oil*, rosemary oil*, milk* (less than 0.1%).  Allergy Information: Manufactured on the same equipment that processes tree nuts. *Organic.


  1. What tasting mint chocolate bars and you didn't invite me over??!! LOL

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