Monday, December 20, 2010

Trinitario cocoa beans from Tanzania create flavourful and wonderful chocolate!

I LOVE single origin chocolate.  I love it for its aromas and intensity of flavours - even when those flavours are sometimes bitter and not at all like the "chocolate" that most of us grew up with.  I like to taste the tobacco, woodsy and rustic flavours that often are in single-origin chocolate bars. I feel like the chocolate has heart and soul when all those flavours come through in the taste.  And to be truthful, after getting used to single origin and organic chocolate, all other chocolate made from a mix of cocoa beans from various regions tends to tastes a little flat.

I guess I am on such a "single origin" high today because I am eating a SOMA chocolatemaker Black Science Microbatch Tanzania 70% chocolate bar. I've mentioned Soma before - a lovely little fine chocolate maker with a storefront in the Distillery District of Toronto.

This "Microbatch" bar is sweet and intense all at the same time.  There is a really nice cocoa flavour and something really outdoorsy about it, without those woodland flavours being too overpowering.  It's a "make your happy day even happier" kind of chocolate bar.

I highly recommend this chocolate bar, and I highly recommend trying anything that Soma makes!  You can order from their website or even better, if you are in Toronto, stop by their store.  Your senses will be overwhelmed by a wonderful array of chocolate flavours and aromas that only a true master chocolatier could think up.

Here are the stats on the bar I tried today:
Microbatch Tanzania 70% by SOMA chocolatemaker
Ingredients: Certified Organic cocoa beans, organic cane sugar, cocoa butter, all natural ingredients. May contain trace amounts of nuts, gluten, soy & dairy.
Manufacturers tasting notes: An "earthy chocolate" made from "cocoa beans grown on the Northern tip of Lake Nyara, a region rich in volcanic deposits.  Nutty, well balanced, with unique malty notes."