Thursday, December 2, 2010

Just a truffles and filled chocolates kind of day....

I have far too much chocolate that is only half eaten in my house.  As much as I wanted to sit down with something new today, I really had to try to work my way through some of the previously tasted chocolate.
So I am relaxing at the computer with a Godiva Dark Chocolate Assortment box of filled chocolates and truffles. I normally prefer hand-made truffles that are carefully crafted by professional chefs and found in little boutique chocolate shops in metropolitan centres. However, I do not live in a metropolitan centre, nor any place that even resembles a city.  When I look out my window, I just see a barn, a horse, a field and, quite often, a lot of deer.  If I want to go to a city, I need to drive for more than two hours, and even then, there is  a lack of interesting chocolate shops in that city.  And so if I have a craving for filled chocolates and truffles with a lot of interesting flavours thought of by great chefs, I have to order those online.

However, my husband was feeling badly about the amount of travel he has been doing lately, so he brought me home a 301 gram box of Godiva chocolates from Toronto last week.  I am impressed that he thought to get the dark chocolate box - it means I have made progress in my hinting that I want only chocolate (preferably dark) for any special occasion gift - EVER.  It took a long time for that to get through, but I think it finally did.

What I like about this box is the amount of raspberry-flavoured chocolate in it.  There seemed to be quite a few (I just polished off the last Raspberry Ganache Swirl).  I think Godiva knows that raspberry-flavoured chocolate is their strong point. 

I also really liked the Midnight Swirl with a ganache centre made of 85% dark chocolate.  The Cappuccino espresso-infused dark chocolate truffle was supreme, as was the Extra Dark Chocolate Truffle and surprisingly, the French Vanilla Truffle.  I have to say, Godiva does a nice job on truffles.

I was not a fan of the cherry cordial - it was too super-sweet and the cherry inside looked yellow and chewy.  As you can tell, I didn't get far enough to bite the cherry after I broke through the outer layer and tasted all that flavour and sweetness.

So I have enjoyed my box of Godiva Dark Chocolate Assortments - even if I am more inclined to eat the artisan, chef-made stuff.  Something like a Soma Chocolatier (Toronto - distillery district, Douglas Fir Oil truffle or a truffle with 8-year old balsamic vinegar, oregano, basil, pink peppercorn or other interesting flavours like that.

Hopefully tomorrow I can start opening new chocolate bars...although I have barely made a dent in the previously tasted ones!

Check back soon!  In the next week I will be reviewing three chocolate bars with sea salt. I also have a Soma chocolate bar to taste and many others just waiting in my cupboard to be tasted.


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