Friday, April 28, 2017

Day 5 concludes 'A Zotter a Day' theme week with these innovative chocolates

With over 300 chocolate flavours, I could keep writing about Zotter Chocolate flavours every day for a year, but I do need to get some chocolate work of my own done. So I will conclude my 'A Zotter a Day' theme today and move on to chocolate making, recipe developing and some other chocolate makers next week.

Since I couldn't quite choose a favourite for the final day, today I will mention a few bars that I have enjoyed and really think you should try. I believe I have written about these same bars on the blog once before, but they are just so special and innovative that I want to be sure you haven't missed them.

Zotter's Labooko Milk Chocolate "Dark style" 70%, without sugar

You've likely heard of dark-milk chocolate, a whole new category of milk chocolate that has become very popular in recent years, but Zotter takes this category to a new level with its no-sugar milk chocolate. In fact, no sweetener of any kind has been added to the chocolate, making this an amazing treat for anyone who is trying to consume 100% dark chocolate, but just can't get over the bitterness.

Last week, I told you about East Van Roasters Mad Cashew bar, which takes the edge out of unsweetened chocolate by adding cashew butter and salt. This Zotter chocolate bar does the same thing: it takes the edge off the bitterness of plain chocolate with the addition of milk powder and vanilla. The creaminess softens the bitter cacao taste and creates a savoury, melt-in-your mouth treat.  Now, I am not saying this no-sugar chocolate doesn't take a little time to get used to for people who regularly eat 70% dark chocolate, but for someone who usually consumes 80% to 100% dark chocolate, they may even find the vanilla and milk sweet.

You can find this chocolate bar on the Zotter USA website here.

Mitzi Blue Never-Ending Strawberry, Strawberry & Yoghurt

A few weeks ago, I talked about the new trend in chocolate: chocolate makers are creating naturally bright colours of 'white' chocolate by grinding freeze-dried fruit directly into the chocolate. This adds both colour and strong fruit flavours that can't be beat. Zotter is participating in this trend (who knows, perhaps they started it?) with strawberry-chocolate combinations. My favourite though, is Zotter's Mitzi Blue disc, or wheel, which has a strawberry-yogurt flavour. And yes, I know there is a spelling difference between Austrian-based Zotter Chocolate and myself because, well, we spell yogurt differently here.

The reason why I like this even more than Zotter's strawberry Labooko bars is because the disc is so beautiful. It is the perfect way to treat yourself or someone else to chocolate. The design and package size makes it perfect for gifting. In addition, kids love it to. And the yogurt flavour is so distinct - from yogurt powder added to the chocolate ingredients -  that it tastes just like the flavour of strawberry yogurt (and you are less likely to drip this on your shirt at work).

Find out more on the Zotter USA website here about the Never-ending strawberry chocolate or any of the Mitzi Blue chocolates would make lovely gifts. I can't wait to try the Mango-blueberry or the beautiful Sky of Love chocolate disc.

And that ends the week folks! Stay tunes next week because I have a couple of recipes to share for chocolate cakes and chocolate-covered sponge-toffee. And I have a few articles on chocolate making equipment and great reads on bean-to-bar chocolate in the works, as well as some Canadian chocolate maker reviews.

Please note that although I wrote about Zotter for an entire week, I was not paid or compensated in any way to write this post. I paid for my chocolate (it was a birthday gift from me :-)) and simply chose to tell you about it. I just like to tell you all about fun and tasty chocolate creations! Thanks to Zotter for making such great chocolate.


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