Friday, December 9, 2016

Cacao Prieto: Delicious Dominican Cacao in Luxurious Chocolate Form

Cacao Prieto is a bean-to-bar chocolate company in Brooklyn that I had only heard of until recently. But when I came across their table at the Northwest Chocolate Festival in Seattle, I was astounded by the beautiful packaging, decorative and artistic post cards, and the overall 'look' of their products.

I visited Cacao Prieto at the end of my time at the Northwest Chocolate Fest, at about that moment when I was feeling guilty about how much cash I had spent on chocolate, so I only purchased one bar: Cacao Prieto's 'Original 72%' dark chocolate bar.  This is an organic dark chocolate, made with Criollo-type cacao (for those unfamiliar, that's one of the best kinds!) and is from the family farm in the Dominican Republic, so it's truly a single-origin bar that can be traced back to it's origin. 

Once tasting the chocolate, I immediately regretted not having purchased more. I really enjoyed that thick aroma of the Dominican cacao and all of its earthiness. With a sweet taste and hints of berry-fruit, and more earthiness in flavour, it is a lovely sweet-dark chocolate with interesting notes. It reminded me a little of the sweet taste of Spagnvola's chocolate, which is similarly made from only Dominican cacao from a family-owned farm. This chocolate had a similarly sweet and lightly fruity taste (based on my memory of course, since I had no Spagnvola chocolate on hand to compare directly), but Cacao Prieto's had some earthier characteristics to the aroma and flavour.

Everyone loves chocolate for Christmas!
Think about adding Cacao Prieto to your holiday shopping list
(psst: it's especially a great buy for a dark-chocolate lover!).

I can't wait to try the other flavours some day. Since Cacao Prieto is devoted to making chocolate from the family farm, their line-up of chocolate is mainly about flavoured bars (like Passion Fruit Crunch and Peppermint Mocha) and chocolate with inclusions (chocolate bark bars), cacao & nut spreads, drinking chocolate, and high-end gift boxes. They also make chocolate-based liquors and rums - a product which cannot be purchased on the website store. 

I have now added to my Chocolate Bucket List: a visit to Cacao Prieto's factory in Brooklyn, should I find myself there soon. There are walk-in weekend tours and bonbons on site (which, like the liquors, don't seem to be available for sale online).

If you are looking for more information on Cacao Prieto, visit the website at:

The package details of the chocolate I wrote about today are as follows:

Cacao Prieto Criollo, Dominican Cacao, Original 72% Dark Chocolate, 85g (3oz)
Brooklyn, NY (U.S.A.)
Ingredients: Organic single origin Dominican Cacao & Organic raw cane sugar. Made in a facility that processes nuts.


  1. I love your blog because I'm constantly finding out about new chocolate makers I've never heard of before!

    1. Glad you like it! I just love learning about different chocolate makers too, and there are so many now that it's fun discovering their chocolate.

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