Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Where to Buy Chocolate Moulds: The largest selection for chocolatiers, chocolate makers, and for home chocolate projects

Whether you say 'chocolate moulds' or 'chocolate molds' it's all the same: these are key to making a chocolatiers work look professional, clean, tidy, artistic and sometimes fun. They can be any shape, such as smooth spheres for simple ganache, simple chocolate bars, or 3D Easter bunnies and Santas for seasonal chocolate fun.

When I started in this business, I only knew of one chocolate mould supplier: Cacao Barry.  I used their moulds at a course in Montreal, and received a nice one as a gift when the class ended several days later. They are very nice and fine quality, but the selection is limited. After a while, I wanted to expand my chocolate creations, and make something different from every other chocolatier around (okay, okay, I live on a rural Island, so 'around' means two of us).

I tried to buy some other brands online, but never knew what I was going to get because the correct size was not always shown. For instance, I bought a mould that was supposed to have different shaped hearts, and what I got was a teeny-tiny silicon mould with teeny-tiny hearts, not even big enough for a bite of chocolate! That cost me $29.95, which was an absolute waste because four years later, I still haven't found a use for it.

So when Tomric Systems contacted me and told me they have over 3,300 moulds for sale online, AND they ship to Canada, I was super excited. Tomric is a company that manufactures "thermoformed polycarbonate plastic candy moulds, packaging and insert trays." Of course, they sell to some pretty large and respected chocolate companies.  But by making their moulds available for purchase online, with no need for the hassle of setting up a customer business account, the hobbyist, or the lone chocolatier like myself, can also buy moulds easily.

Perhaps you want something unique to your business? Don't worry, Tomric also can make a custom chocolate mould, with your logo or preferred design. 

For the last few months, I have been working with several of Tomric's moulds, including: an elegant Valentine's heart mould, a woodland animals mould, snowflake lollipops mould, and a gorgeous cocoa pod chocolate bar mould (see pics below). And so far, every single chocolate I have made in these moulds has turned out beautifully. I even pre-painted some of the moulds with different shades of chocolate (milk, white and dark - I'm not into using artificial colours!) and I was quite proud of myself when I saw the results.

I found the quality to be quite good. Admittedly, they were slightly less rigid than some that I have used before (i.e. Cacao Barry's), which makes it a little harder to scrape. The downside is that small amounts of chocolate are left behind which can't be scraped off. But they are certainly a huge step up from the plastic candy moulds available at Bulk Barn or other common retailers, or the wacky free ones (like the football I made in February) that I find. And when it comes to chocolate bars or simple figures, scraping is not necessary if I am careful when filling the mould cavities.

Overall, I have really enjoyed working with Tomric's chocolate moulds. I plan to order more of the ones I already have, so I can increase production. And I am considering working with Tomric to create custom moulds for some of my chocolate products.

Below is a series of pictures, with descriptions, to show you what I made from Tomric moulds. I've included Tomric's chocolate mould product codes and links to them, in case you are interested in getting some for yourself.

This mould creates super fun creatures for kids and adults alike to enjoy.
It is called the 'Woodland Creatures Mould Set', Item code: GP-114.

This is called the Cacao Pod Bar (Tomric Item Code: GP-113). 
It costs $15.95 and makes beautiful 69 gram chocolate bars
that are the perfect thin width for tasting fine chocolate.

The Cacao Pod Bar has three cavities and is easy to use.

My picture does not do this mould justice, these hearts are SO pretty and elegant!
The hearts are not thick, but still easy to fill, and they taste great
filled with truffle and meltaway! Item Code: VP-003.

This Snowflake Pop Mould Set (Item Code: CP-008) comes with three cavities for three different styled snowflakes.
It was fun to paint the mould with white chocolate accents. 
I could see - for those of you who use edible colouring - painting the
snowflakes a sparkling blue or silver. They are perfect for a Frozen Birthday Party favor!
Snowflake Pop Mould Set (Item Code: CP-008)

My finished packaged chocolate products looked great!
I was quite pleased with how my chocolate turned out in Tomric chocolate moulds.
If you are interested in purchasing chocolate molds from Tomric Systems, visit their website ( for more information.  And if you are just starting out in the chocolate business, or expanding, Tomric also distributes European moulds and chocolate making equipment (i.e. chocolate enrobers, chocolate tempering machines, etc.) and candy making equipment.


  1. Thank you Lisabeth for this valuable information. We are in the process of searching for molds as we just started making chocolate about a month ago. We are on our third batch and are getting better with each try.

    Finding the right mold is our next big adventure so your info is timely and useful. Thanks again

    Kim & Lylette

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  7. I've been looking for a chocolate mould with a cacao bean design and I found a few websites that have a larger selection of bar moulds or what I'm looking for in particular.
    I'll include the links in case anyone is looking for a large bar mould selection. Tomric's had a great selection of different shapes but not many bar moulds or cacao bean designs. Anyways here are a few other links you can try.