Tuesday, November 3, 2015

President's Choice Black Label Chocolates: A Great Choice for Holiday Gatherings

I was recently surprised with a lovely gift basket of President's Choice chocolate products.  It was quite a mix of chocolate, from the high-end Black Label brand of chocolates, to the everyday milk chocolate caramels and chocolate-covered raisins.

My husband attacked the chocolate caramels and raisins so quickly that I could barely have a chance to asses them.  In fact, I did not even get one PC chocolate-covered raisin before the bag was gone!  But they must have been good, since I have never seen him eat chocolate-covered raisins before and he really liked these.

The caramels were also pretty good, but sweet stuff isn't my thing. Again, with the rapidity that my husband ate through the bag, I feel that they must have been delicious for a someone with a chocolate sweet-tooth!

I set aside the Dark Chocolate Cashews and the PC Maple Brown Sugar Caramels for me.  I had not seen either of these products in stores before, but they looked beautiful and delicious, and I was delighted to taste them.  I LOVE the Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Cashews, which were not too sweet like some chocolate-covered products can be, and the salt was balanced perfectly.  The ingredients were pretty good and there was NO artificial vanilla flavour - something I always appreciate in PC products.

Also, my family and I really enjoyed the Maple Brown Sugar Caramels.  They were flavourful, again without being overly sweet.  And yet they were also a little chewy, but not hard.  I liked the very Canadian addition of 'maple' - and who doesn't want a brown sugar anything this time of year? I truly think these can be called 'comfort food'!

The way I see it, the PC Black Label chocolates are great for adding to dessert trays at your upcoming holiday parties. Little dishes each containing a different kind, with a small spoon in each dish to serve, all on one serving plate or spread throughout the dessert table would be great at any party. They would also make a nice gift basket addition for a gift for a chocolate lover.

I found the PC Black Label Collection at an Independent Grocer in Northern Ontario, but they are available at Loblaws or any Loblaws store, and likely anywhere that sells PC products.

Ooh, and don't forget to add the delicious President's Choice Chocolate Sea Salt Fudge to your party mix.  I bought a bag earlier in the year and told you about here.

Happy Holiday Partying!!!

Note: although PC sent me these products for free, it was my choice to write about them!  I thoroughly enjoyed the package of President's Choice chocolate products, and I love to tell you about great products that have natural ingredients, no artificial flavours and are all around tasty.  PC, in my opinion, delivers on all of these important aspects in their Black Label selection, as well as their line of sweet milk chocolate treats. 


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