Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The New CLIF Organic Trail Mix Bars are full of dark chocolate!

I love dark chocolate.  It was not my first chocolate love, but it certainly has become my life-long obsession. I also love nuts, particularly whole almonds, and peanuts, and all other kinds too. I eat almonds every day as a mid-morning snack, and dark chocolate of course. So when I brought home a box of the new CLIF bars 'Organic Trail Mix', I was super excited because these granola-style bars had giant chunks of organic dark chocolate in them, and a handful of whole nuts in each one, and they were gluten-free!

My family fell in love with these new CLIF bars immediately and it ended up that I could only eat one! One! They whipped through the box faster than I could tell you about them on this blog. So when I received a box of samples a few weeks back, which included the entire flavour range of trail mix bars, I was happy. So happy in fact that I hid the box from my family so I could savour and enjoy each one.

Truthfully, I thought my favourite would be the Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter flavour - and it was good - but I actually liked the Dark Chocolate Cherry Almond bar the best.  All of the trail mix bar flavours were delicious, and very filling.  And actually quite convenient as a snack for me, given my busy work schedule this Fall in the commercial kitchen.

I bought a box of 20 CLIF bars at Costco for $21.99, but they are also readily available at most grocery and natural food stores in Canada for $1.99 each or online at Amazon.ca. You can learn more about them here: http://www.clifbar.ca/products/organic-trail-mix-bar.


  1. It looks cool & yummy!
    I wanna buy this.Are you sure it's available in Canada for $1.99 each.If that I'm gonna order a full box.

  2. It looks cool & yummy!
    I wanna buy this.Are you sure it's available in Canada for $1.99 each.If that I'm gonna order a full box.Very attractive actually!

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