Sunday, May 24, 2015

ABChocolate Boston; personalized deliciousness!

ABChocolate is a new and, I believe, exciting American chocolate company that enables their customers to personalize a box of chocolates.  That's right, you can order a box of chocolates and customize a message that is printed directly on the chocolates.

Don't worry, the message is completely edible! Chocolatiers use something called transfer sheets to make this possible. It has an edible pattern on the transfer sheet that is made out of coloured cocoa butter. ABChocolate has presumably used lettered transfer sheets to create the personalized messages. When chocolate truffles are hand dipped, the chocolatier simply places the dipped chocolate on a transfer sheet to cool.  Once the chocolate is removed from the transfer sheet, the pattern appears on the top of each truffle.

The spaces between the words are filled with chocolates that have beautiful and colourful patterns on the top, giving the entire box a look of elegance. Together with the message, the chocolates are rather attractive when one opens the box.

As for taste, all of the chocolates in the box have one flavour: a melt-in-your-mouth hazelnut milk chocolate, which is positively delicious. It is on the sweet side, but not overly sweet like a traditional candy bar is. The dark chocolate shell is so thin that only a slight bitterness can be detected as you bite into the chocolate. The chocolate has vanilla in it, a flavour that is instantly detected before the hazelnut and milk chocolate flavours take over.

The only downside of ABChocolate's is that the chocolates are almost too big (yah, right, like that is a 'downside'?).

ABChocolate makes all of their chocolates by hand and in the Viennese style, which is a slightly mousse-like texture on the interior. Thornton's, a popular chocolate company in the U.K., has long been making a 'Viennese Truffle', with a milk and white chocolate interior, and an outer chocolate coating that has been rolled or sprinkled with sugar.  Thornton's also offers a box of Viennese Truffles that can have a customized message printed on the sleeve of the package, a little different than ABChocolate, who customizes the message on the chocolate itself.  Since Thornton's Viennese truffle is not easily accessible to us North American's, ABChocolate is sure to create a new trend on this side of the Atlantic Ocean.

ABChocolate ships to all 48 continental states in America. They use Priority Mail services so that chocolates are shipped and arrive within two days.

Go to this link to customize your box: You can follow ABChocolate on Twitter @AB_Choc or on Facebook here:


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