Sunday, March 15, 2015

Chapman's 'Slice Cream': the Chocolate Symphony Ice Cake?

Is it cake, or is it ice cream...excuse me, 'slice cream'?

Chapman's Ice Cream has been advertising their new 'Slice Cream' ice cream cakes on Canadian television recently.  So I thought, being a lover of all things chocolate and ice cream, that I should try it.  And of course, I chose the most chocolaty of the three Chapman's products, called 'Chocolate Symphony', with layers of dark chocolate, white chocolate, and milk chocolate ice cream, all topped with little chewy brownie pieces.

I liked the very centre section - the 'dark' chocolate.  It did not really taste like dark chocolate, but just a rich chocolate ice cream.  The 'white chocolate' section really tasted strange to me. Although it did seem like something my children would have liked, it just did not taste like white chocolate. And the milk chocolate ice cream on the outer edges was just okay

I also liked the whipped chocolate cream on the top, and the brownie pieces.  So all-in-all, I ate around the white chocolate and just ate the more chocolaty stuff, which sort of left me wanting more with each slice. 

Truthfully, I was comparing it to a Dairy Queen ice cream cake, which made me wish for a chewy and crunchy layer of chocolate cookie pieces and some thick chocolate sauce, or at least something with a bit more richness. After experiencing that childhood favourite, it is hard to find anything else that compares.

So the question still remains: Is it an ice cream cake? Or is it just a slice of ice cream on a plate?

Maybe Chapman's will tell you! Visit their website to learn more: