Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Give your Valentine a gift of elegance, luxury AND the key to your heart

What is the BEST way to impress your sweetheart with chocolate? zChocolat. And what chocolate box should you give from one of France's luxury chocolate makers? The Romantic Ruby box of chocolates, which includes 27 fine filled chocolates in an elegant mahogany box, personally engraved with your sweetheart's name. It also comes with a personalized note, and in a gorgeous cloth bag with a mahogany key attached.

Sure it will set you back $157.25 Canadian, but this is a case of: spend a lot, receive luxury. The zChocolat experience is all about extravagance, elegance, quality and taste. The recipes were created by World Champion Chocolatier, Pascal Caffet, and it is clear that this flavour selection was the inspiration of a true master chocolatier.

When you open the box, the top layer includes 12 beautiful heart-shaped chocolates enrobed in dark, milk, white and red couvertures. The Amore, a red ruby heart-shaped confection, certainly has the most interesting flavour, with just a hint of bergamot left on your tongue after the dark ganache and white chocolate shell have melted away.

The second layer has 15 gorgeous filled chocolates, all numbered according to Pascal Caffet's recipes. An adorable picture book is included, which devotes one page to each chocolate flavour. zChocolat is always careful to tell you the origin of each chocolate used to make their confections (i.e. Venezuelan dark chocolate), and the origin of each ingredient (i.e. Valencia peanuts, slow-roasted Piedmont hazelnuts, etc.) and so the consumer is acutely aware of the quality of their purchase.

The chocolate is also delicious. But keep in mind that each chocolate has a unique set of ingredients, so every chocolate in the box may not be to your taste, but it will be to someone else's. For instance, the North American palette is not accustomed to lavender as an ingredient in sweets, and I certainly do not like it, but someone in Europe may find chocolate flavoured with lavender to be delicious. But you will surely find a good number of chocolates in the box to love.

Refills can be purchased of zChocolat's signature chocolate, the "Z", so if you prefer to stick to your favourite flavour, you can. The "Z" is layered with two divine fillings, which provides a taste experience like no other. A sweet, soft, salty caramel layered under a crunchy hazelnut praline and covered in one of three couvertures (white, milk or dark), truly is a favourite of mine. The "Z" will always stand out as one of my most beloved taste experiences.

The Romantic Ruby box is certainly an indulgence. But if you want to take a further step and cross into extravagance, you can take a look at zChocolat's other products, such as the Ambrosia chocolate collection, which includes 165 pieces of chocolate and a gorgeous box that can be used for your favourite jewelry or other keepsakes. The cost is $526.77 Canadian.

Will you give your Valentine the key to your heart through chocolate? If so, find further information about zChocolat on their website: www.zchocolat.com. Worldwide delivery is available and encouraged. So do it now because Valentine's Day is only 3.5 weeks away!


  1. Nice gift idea for this valentine day. If you want to buy more interesting valentine gifts for your valentines then choose best gift to make them surprise.

  2. Hi Lisabeth: I'm glad you had the chance to try the zChocolate experience. It's definitely my pick for the brand to impress and leave a lasting impression. Awesome packaging and delicious chocolates make a great combination!

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