Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Rice Treat Nests with Golden Milk Chocolate Truffle Eggs

A fun-filled Good Friday afternoon of baking with my five-year old daughter produced wonderful results.  We made rice treat nests, brushed on some melted chocolate, dipped them in sweetened coconut and then filled them with handmade, gold-dusted milk chocolate truffle eggs.

We followed the Kellog's Rice Krispie recipe found here. Then lined some muffin cups with plastic wrap and formed the nests inside using this method.

We melted organic dark chocolate and organic milk chocolate (Camino brand) and brushed it on the upper edges of the nests, then immediately dipped the nest in shredded coconut.  I also brushed a few with melted cocoa butter (by Cacao Barry) and dipped those in coconut, which lessened the sugar content, but not the taste.  In fact, the taste of pure cocoa butter with coconut was surprisingly delicious.

Once the nests were made, we took some milk chocolate truffle mix and formed small, egg-shaped balls between the palms of our hands (find some chocolate truffle recipes here). Then we dipped them with a fork in both the melted dark and milk chocolate. Once they were set and hardened on waxed paper, I brushed them with a little gold dust. We placed them in the nests with a few Smarties Easter Eggs and Voila!  we had fun and pretty little bird's nest for an Easter dessert.

My daughter also got excited about dipping 'stuff' in chocolate, so we kept on going and this was the result: chocolate dipped apple pieces, chocolate dipped strawberries and chocolate dipped rice treat eggs!

Rice treats and chocolate always offer easy and fun things to do at Easter with kids.

Happy Easter everyone!

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