Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Fromagerie Elgin: Sudbury's hot spot for fine chocolate

While passing through Sudbury on Thursday, on my way home to Manitoulin Island, and I decided to take a little detour to the Fromagerie Elgin.  They always have a nice selection of chocolate and the selection seems to grow with each visit.  So what did I get this time?  These great finds:

1. The Peanut Butter & Banana Milk Chocolate Bar by Wild Ophelia is one of the most delicious chocolate bars that I have ever tasted, and I thank the Fromagerie for providing me with this  chocolate experience.

Being a HUGE fan of chocolate and peanut butter (I have fond memories of my mother's rolled peanut butter and banana sandwiches that were so neatly packed in foil in my school lunch bag), this chocolate certainly satisfied my cravings. With a whopping 41% cacao solids, dry roasted peanuts, dried Hawaiian bananas and sea salt, this milk chocolate leaves a lingering flavour that won't soon be forgot. Wild Ophelia is the sister brand to Vosges Haut-Chocolat; you can learn all the yummy details here.

2. Another delicious product that you should run out and try TODAY is Fractals, a cashew butter crunch with Belgian milk chocolate, which tastes "spectacular", just as described on the package. This is an Ontario-made product from Aurora. Since I tend to go for solid chocolate, I might not have tried it if the owner of the Fromagerie had not recommended it to me.  And I am so happy that he did. It is the type of toffee crunch that we all aspire to make at Christmas time. And a little maple sugar in the ingredients goes a long way. Seriously delicious.

3. The Fromagerie also carried some of the new line of blended origin chocolate by Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. I purchased the absolutely delicious milk chocolate Orinoco "Anillo Del Fuego" Blend with 38% Cocoa and the Tsaratana "Anillo Del Fuego"  Blend with 61% Cocoa solids. With only five ingredients, this dark chocolate is sweet but full of chocolaty flavour. Rocky Mountain does not provide much information on these products on their website, but it looks as though they use the American brand, E. Guittard, origins blends to create a Canadian product. See here for more info on the Orinoco and here for more information on the Tsaratana bar.

So once again, the Fromagerie brightened up my trip back to the Island (which is rather cold and windy right now) with a wonderful selection of chocolate. Visit here to learn about other great chocolate  that I have purchased at the Fromagerie Elgin, including Michel Cluizel and Vosges Haut-Chocolat. You can also learn more about this awesome hot spot for music, food, cheese and wine in Sudbury on Facebook, or on the business' website:

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