Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The New Shades of Chocolate; Valrhona is Creating New Categories of Yumminess

The package clearly stated 'blond' chocolate, but I was still shocked when I opened the wrapping of Valrhona's Dulcey chocolate bar and found that it really was, well, blond.

Dulcey 'Chocolat Blond' is a new addition to the world of chocolate, with its interesting tan or oatmeal colour (i.e. 'blond') and creamy caramel-white chocolate flavour.  Recently introduced by France's superb fine chocolate maker, Valrhona, this chocolate is certainly making history by adding a new category to the traditional white, milk and dark types that chocolate lovers have become accustomed to.

Even more surprising than the colour was the taste.  It tasted like a creamy white chocolate combined with a smooth caramel flavour, and was, simply put, wonderful tasting.  I gave it to a few other people to try and they all instantly were surprised by how good it tasted and the smoothness of the texture. I believe that anyone would like this blond chocolate, even people who do not like white chocolate. I know it is a bold statement, but I am pretty sure it is true!

I purchased my first bar of Dulcey in Ottawa at a little international cheese shop, and it won't be the last one that I buy. Dulcey comes in both 85 gram (2.99 oz) bars for the average consumer to taste, and what's great is: it also comes in bags of couverture for professional chocolatiers.  This means that a whole new variety of delicious desserts can be made by chefs, bakers and chocolate shop owners who purchase this new category of chocolate.

The real eye opener is when you see this 'Blond' Chocolate next to a white chocolate.  For instance, check out the picture to the right.  The chips or 'callets' are Callebaut's brand of white chocolate couverture for professionals (high quality white chocolate, like Callebaut's, is naturally ivory in colour, not pure white).  The square is Valrhona's Dulcey with its distinct tan colour.  This contrast instantly shows how the 'blond' colour of the Dulcey chocolate differs from traditional white chocolate.

Valrhona is certainly taking strides towards becoming the most innovative chocolate company in the world.  Besides creating a new category of blond chocolate, they also recently introduced their Caramelia chocolate, which, in my opinion, is the milk chocolate version of Dulcey.  I say that because Dulcey is a caramel-tasting white chocolate, but Caramelia is a caramel-tasting milk chocolate. It is also just as fantastically smooth, creamy and wonderful tasting. I made the most amazing chocolate truffles from Caramelia and also provided the recipe here on the blog. Certainly Valrhona's innovative product brought my standard milk chocolate truffle recipe to a whole new level. I cannot wait to get my hands on some more!

Where to buy these products:
You can buy bags of the Dulcey couverture in the U.K. online at Chocolate Trading Company.
In Canada, you can find both Dulcey and Caramelia couverture chocolate for professionals (or really great home bakers and amateur chocolatiers) online at Vanilla Food Company.

You can also buy the chocolate bar in the United States on Valrhona's website for $7.99 per bar: http://www.valrhona-chocolate.com/dulcey-bar. Also, the Dulcey couverture is available on Valrhona's professional site at: http://www.valrhonaprofessionals.com/chocolate.html.

You can find Callebaut's white chocolate callets in Canada online at McCall's: and Vanilla Food Company, and a variety of other online retailers.


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  2. It has been pointed out that Nestlé offered a similar concept with their branded candy bar called 'Caramac', which was also caramel-flavoured and tan-coloured chocolate bar. According to Wikipedia, it was originally launched by Mackintosh's (later Rowntree Mackintosh) in 1959. However, unlike Valrhona's Dulcey bar, it was made with 'various artificial flavourings', whereas Valrhona's ingredients include natural vanilla only for the flavouring. So although the concept may not be entirely 'new', Valrhona certainly has improved upon it.

  3. Great post: newsjuicy review and nice shots. We also have Dulcey in Spain. I tasted it and I liked it. Very different than white chocolate and other Valrhona milk chocolates. Original notes for a sweet chocolate palate.
    @nereachocolate in twitter