Friday, March 8, 2013

Don't Like the Taste of the Chocolate Bar?

If you open a new dark or milk chocolate bar and you do not like the taste, spread some peanut butter on it!

I opened a 100 gram 60% dark chocolate bar last night and there was just too much vanilla in it for my liking and it had poor bean quality. But when I added peanut butter to it, it suddenly had the wonderful flavour of a dark chocolate Reese Peanut Butter Cup....only better. 

Plus, it made a wonderful, low-carb breakfast. Well, sort of. In my mind, it was a healthy breakfast.  And it tasted great with a cup of dark roast coffee.

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  1. Dark chocolates carry benefits for the heart and blood pressure, they are also immensely beneficial for your brain. There exists a slight amount of caffeine in them, which acts as a stimulant to the brain.