Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What Kind of Cookies Do Dark Chocolate Lover’s Like? Chocolate-Covered Cookies, Of Course!

Do you like a little cookie crunch in your chocolate?  I do sometimes.  Every now and then when I find a half hour to myself in the afternoon (which does not happen often these days) I like to relax with a cup of tea and a cookie for dipping.  But being the dark chocolate lover that I am, I do not like the average run-of-the-mill-grocery-store cookies.  I like cookies that are not very sweet and are, of course, coated in high quality dark chocolate.  But given the rural location of where I live in Northern Ontario, it is not easy to find such delicacies.

However, I have found a few dark chocolate covered cookies in recent years that are both accessible and tasty.  In fact, just last week I bought the Bahlsen ‘Afrika’ Dark wafer at an Independent Grocer.  There are no artificial flavours in this cookie (which is a rare find for a packaged wafer!) and the first ingredient is “chocolate liquor’, which means this is not an overly sugared affair. Bahlsen’s package also says that these wafers are called ‘Afrika’ because they are made from the finest cocoa beans from West Africa.
What I love about these wafers is how little wafer there actually is.  Mostly, it is a dark chocolate with a really thin layer of wafer in the middle, so you just have a nice tiny crunch.  They are fun to eat and great for dipping in your tea or coffee. The best part is that there are only 160 calories for 8 cookies and just 11 grams of sugar!  If you are careful about not eating high-carb foods but still love that crunch of a wafer-cookie, be sure to add Afrika to your shopping list.

Another dark chocolate cookie that I like (and that is easy to find in rural Canadian locations) is the PC Dark Concerto Biscuits. Like the Bahlsen wafers, these have no unnatural flavours and ingredients, so you can feel good about what you are eating, even if it is a sweet treat. What's more, there are only 150 calories in 2 cookies and only 8 grams of sugar – not a bad way to satisfy your afternoon chocolate and cookie craving. These too are available at the Independent Grocer, as well as Valumart, Loblaws, Superstore and anywhere that President’s Choice products are sold.

Probably my most favourite chocolate-covered cookies of all time are the Pierre Biscuiterie ‘Butter Cookies Coated in (Milk & Dark) Chocolate’, which I found at Costco last Christmas.  These were absolutely the best; in fact, I liked them so much that did not share with anyone.
I am pretty sure they were made from single origin chocolate because they had that distinct flavour to the chocolate (but do not ask me what that flavour profile was though...it was last Christmas and my memory is sketchy!).  I wish I could tell you more about where to buy these in Canada now, but I have not found them since. I have looked online and a few websites sell them, like Snazzy Gourmet and surprisingly a few other websites tell us the calorie content (just 140 calories for 2 cookies!). Personally I am hoping that they show up at Costco again this Christmas season. If so, maybe this time I will share them...or maybe not.

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