Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Truffle Love...Belgian Style and Ready to Make Your Christmas Entertaining a Success

Are you looking for just the perfect box of chocolate truffles at just the right price to meet all your entertaining needs this Christmas? My fantastic find last weekend was at Costco in Sudbury, Ontario. Packaged in a lovely large red, brown and gold box is a perfect mix of Gavarny milk and dark chocolate Belgian truffles that will leave your mouth watering for more.

For truffles that are made with oil (rather than cream), I was surprised by how good these were and how I could not taste the distinct flavour of coconut oil, nor could I tell the difference in texture - which I usually can with oil-based truffles. The flakes of real chocolate on the outside also added a chocolaty kick to the flavour.

What I like about the box - and the reason I think this is great for holiday entertaining - is that the truffles are wrapped in six packs of seven truffles.  So you can open one to eat immediately, then save the others as the holiday season approaches to add to dessert trays or to pull out with coffee when those pesky unexpected guests arrive at your door. And do not forget to save one package for Christmas morning to snack on while opening gifts and sipping a latte!

Also, you can choose which package to open depending on who is eating it.  If your household is like mine and split between milk and dark chocoholics, then this box offers the perfect combination.

If you are planning to visit Gavarny's website, you may be surprised to find that the website listed on the chocolate packaging is actually for a company called Gudrun Group who packages, markets and commercializes Belgian chocolates.  From a business perspective, this is a great idea for both the manufacturer and for Gudrun Group because it helps Gavarny increase sales on an international level. 

If you are interested in other products by Gavarny, here is the link to the Gavarny products page on the Gudrun Group web site:

To check out chocolates and whatever else you can buy at Costco in Canada, go to, although you won't find the box that I bought on their web site.  You'll just have to go to the store for yourself!  And if Costco is sold out on the day that you go shopping, do not stress! There is a lot of other chocolate for sale at Costco right now that is just right for Christmas entertaining.

Here are the package details from the chocolate truffles that I tasted and reviewed today:

Gavarny Belgian Truffles, "Milk Chocolate & Dark Chocolate Flaked Truffles Assortment", 1lb, 2.5oz (525g)
Gudrun Commercial N.V. (Made in Belgium)
Ingredients: Milk chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, milk, unsweetened chocolate, emulsifier: soybean lecithin, natural vanilla flavour), vegetable oil (coconut, palm kernel), sugar, nonfat milk, lactose, reduced fat cocoa powder, emulsifier: soybean lecithin, natural vanilla flavour.  Contains milk, soy (lecithin). Made in a facility that uses wheat, eggs, pistachio nuts, walnuts and almonds.


  1. i had this last week at a reunion. HEAVEN!!!!!! i still can't get my mind off of it. thanks for the info.

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