Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mmmmm...a Minty Manitoulin Afternoon

I was just making a peppermint tea and was thinking about the kind of chocolate that I might have with it, when I suddenly remembered that I had a Manitoulin Chocolate Works Dark Mint Meltaway Bar in my chocolate tasting cupboard.  It is basically a truffle but bigger, square and enrobed in a perfectly tasty dark chocolate couverture.  Yum.  It was smooth and rich and very minty (but the mint is not overpowering) and matched perfectly with the President's Choice Organics(TM) Peppermint tea that I was drinking.  I am still enjoying the lingering minty flavour.  I got my chocolate fix and some fantastic breath at the same time!

If you are curious about the Dark Mint Meltaway Bar by Manitoulin Chocolate Works, you will probably need to travel to Manitoulin Island to get one, but here are the details anyway:

Dark Mint Meltaway Bar, 0.055 kg
Manitoulin Chocolate Works
Ingredients: chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, sugar, vanilla, lecithin, coconut oil, peppermint. (May contain peanuts).


  1. You have a chocolate tasting cupboard? Nice! I've got a little pink and purple plaid box for mine..

    Are you near Manitoulin? (just curious, I'm down by Detroit).

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