Thursday, March 10, 2011

Double Truffle is Double the Taste at Manitoulin Chocolate Works

I call Saturdays "Anything Goes" days, because I allow myself to taste and write about chocolate treats that are not solid chocolate bars (I usually taste solid chocolate during the weekdays). So last Saturday, I indulged in a little double chocolate truffle. It's called the Manitoulin Chocolate Double Truffle Bar. Immediately by the taste, you can tell that the makers of this little delicacy used real cream and that there are no additive or artificial flavours.  The truffle is smooth, and has a layer of milk chocolate truffle on top of a layer of dark chocolate truffle.  Both layers are wrapped in a dark/semi-sweet chocolate coating. The price was reasonable given it's good quality, at $2.49 for 0.06kg. And it was just the right size for portion control, and just the right taste for a Saturday indulgence.
I also decided to try the Manitoulin Chocolate Works Dark Belgian Chocolate Bar.  It is 110 grams of solid dark chocolate.  I am not sure of the chocolate brand they use (I know they do not manufacture from bean-to-bar), but it is quite good - very smooth and not too sweet.  Although the % of cacao solids is not listed on the package, I would guess that it is somewhere between 60% and 70%. The tempering was well done, with a nice shine on the chocolate. The price was a little steep, at $4.95 for 110 grams.  That price usually indicates that is a single origin chocolate or organic. However, the experience of the chocolate taste was worth the price.

For more information on Manitoulin Chocolate Works Double Truffle Bar or Dark Belgian Chocolate Bar, check out their website.  The store is in a tourist area, so it does not open again until Spring 2011, but I'm sure their website will provide you with valuable information on their hours and location.

If you are visiting Manitoulin Island, go and check out Manitoulin Chocolate Works, and afterwards be sure to tack on another chocolate experience from Ultimately Chocolate, for the very best chocolate cakes and pastries, as well as a confection called the chocolate TOFFLE (I couldn`t resist throwing in just a bit of self-promotion!).

Here are the details on the two chocolates that I tried today:

Manitoulin Chocolate Double Truffle Bar, 0.060 kg
Kagawong, Ontario, Canada
Igredients: chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, sugar, millk solids, vanilla, lecithin, glucose, whipping cream (may contain peanuts).

Manitoulin Chocolate Works Dark Belgian Chocolate Bar, 110 grams
 Kagawong, Ontario, Canada
Ingredients: Cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, soya lecithin, natural vanilla.  May contain milk solids and nuts.

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