Saturday, November 6, 2010

Lazy November Saturdays call for a "Double Double" Hot Chocolate

What is a "Double Double" hot chocolate, you ask?  If I tell you, you may never be the same again. Are you ready?  Here is the recipe for heaven in a mug:

Lisabeth's "Double Double" Hot Chocolate
1. Whip up two cups of 35% whipping cream.
2. Once cream is whipped (until stiff), stir in a packet of organic hot cocoa mix (sweetened) for a sweet cocoa whip cream
3. Heat a cup of milk to near-boiling point (I use skim milk, but 1% or 2% works too!)
4. Add a packet (or a few tablespoons) of organic dark hot chocolate mix to mug along with one or two ounces of extra bitter (70%) dark chocolate and stir (it's okay if the chocolate doesn't completely melt, it's nice to savour the melty chocolate on the bottom of the cup after you've drank your hot chocolate)
5. Top with a quarter to half cup of the hot chocolate whip cream.

WARNING:  You WILL feel dizzy, sleepy and slightly disoriented if you drink this too quickly, as I have just done. But in the end, you will be happier for it!

Here is what I used for my hot chocolate:
-Cocoa Camino Bitter 70% Dark Chocolate Couverture Drops - organic and fair trade(
-Cocoa Camino Organic Dark Hot Chocolate (28 grams) instant packet - organic and fair trade (
-35% whipping cream

The Cocoa Camino hot chocolate line is by far my favourite hot chocolate.  The ingredients are natural, minimal, organic and fair trade.  Also, their couverture chocolate has no soy lecithin, no vanilla and just has three ingredients: cocoa liquor, sugar, cocoa butter.

Well, I am warm and cozy now, the initial dizziness has gone away and I am happily enjoying the spike in my blood sugar and the little bit of caffeine from the chocolate.  Have a great Saturday everyone.

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