Friday, September 25, 2015

Chaleur B Chocolat's Product Line Expands: Fiji & Madagascar Origin Chocolate PLUS Coffee Inclusions

Chaleur B Chocolat is a small Canadian chocolate-maker that has been growing their line-up of chocolate bars recently. I first told you about them back in February, when I purchased Chaleur's white chocolate, 50% dark-milk chocolate, and 70% Uganda dark chocolate.

Owner, Dany Marquis, who trained in chocolate making in Paris, has begun to expand the product line to include more origin chocolate bars, higher percentages, as well as flavoured bars.  The most interesting new chocolate was the Fiji 87.8%

Fiji origin chocolate is not widely available, but some organizations in Fiji are trying to improve that.  The cacao used for this chocolate bar comes from a region (Dreketi, Makuata province) where some of the poorest people from Fiji live*.  Certainly this type of direct trade in chocolate making, can only benefit people and cocoa farmers in this area.

I have never tasted a chocolate made from cocoa beans grown in Fiji until now.  This introduction was certainly a surprising one, with a bitter taste of black olives and prunes. Some nuttiness rounded out the smooth, bold and bitter chocolate flavour.

Overall, the Fiji bar reminded me of a plate of savoury appetizers, to be enjoyed with a dry red wine.

Chaleur's 70% Madagascar chocolate is a bright and slightly bitter fruity tasting chocolate, showcasing the citrus fruit, raspberry and red fruit flavours often found in Madagascar's cocoa beans. It is perfect for a chocolate-tasting line-up when trying to understand the differences in origin flavours.

The new Mokaccino chocolate bar is a 50% dark-milk chocolate with a slight crunch to it, amidst smooth, buttery, high percentage milk chocolate. I have written about dark-milk chocolate extensively, which is a new category of chocolate that has high percentages of cacao (over 50% cocoa solids). Chaleur B Chocolate has created a delicious combination of bold coffee and smooth, rich chocolate with a hint of milk to it - just like the perfect Mokaccino should be.

Overall, I really like the direction this chocolate maker is headed in; his passion for his craft, and his more recent release of new origins and products shows he is intent on remaining unique. You can read more about the Brazil origin chocolate that Mr. Marquis made (in limited release for now)here.

Chaleur's chocolate can be purchased online, via their website at or at La Tablette de Miss Choco in person in Montreal or online. I believe JoJo Coco in Ottawa also carries some Chaleur B Chocolat chocolate bars.


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