Sunday, May 18, 2014

What's New with Godiva? Truffles, Truffles and more Truffles!

If you find yourself often wandering through the Godiva section of your high-end department or book store and wishing to find something that you have never tried before, well, here are a few relatively new chocolate truffle products that might interest you.

The Godiva Milk Chocolate Truffle Bar is made with real cream and has a very soft, delicious interior. For a packaged truffle with a long shelf life, this one is definitely superior. It is designed to blow the minds of milk chocolate lovers, but even the dark chocolate-loving crew will enjoy this chocolate bar.

I bought it at an Ontario-based Chapters-Indigo right at the cash register, next to my all-time favourite Godiva bar - the Raspberry Dark Chocolate.

Godiva also recently introduced the 'Truffle Flight' collection.  A box of the Dark Decadence was given to me at Easter.  My favourite was the 72% Extra Dark Truffle, and I also liked the Chocolate Soufflé.  The Lava Cake truffle did taste like a lava cake and was rather good. However, I was not particular to the 50% Dark Chocolate truffle - it was rather sweet to me. But overall, the collection was a nice gift for a person who prefers dark chocolate.  

The other flavours in the Truffle Flight Collections are: Nut Lovers, Milk Chocolate Lovers, a Cake Flight Tasting, Heavenly Mousse and the Ultimate Dessert Truffle Flight, including a Red Velvet and a Crème Brûlée. The Nut Lovers looks the best to me, because of the Hazelnut Crunch. Yum!

For more information on this collection of chocolate truffles in Canada and the U.S., check the Godiva websites: (US) (Canada)

Happy Tasting!

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