Friday, June 1, 2012

Costa Rican Chocolate and Great Friends

Chocolate is my addiction. And I have a lot of friends who are 'enablers', which does not bother me at all.  I LOVE it when my friends and family members buy chocolate for me.

Most recently, a friend of mine went to Costa Rica and brought me back some Costa Rican chocolate!  The chocolate bar that he gave me was made by Sibu Chocolate and was called the "Negro" chocolate bar- Sibu's straight up 70% bittersweet chocolate.

This is my first experience tasting Costa Rican chocolate that has been made in Costa Rica from the beans that are grown there. And what a great chocolate bar it was! It was tangy and citrusy, like the Hawaiian chocolate made by Madre Chocolate. It also had a distinct raw chocolate flavour, with the flavour of the bean coming through clearly, indicating that the chocolate is not overly processed.

According to their website, Sibu Chocolate also makes three other flavors of chocolate bars: the Leche "dark-milk" chocolate, the Especias bar with cinnamon and chili flakes, the Cafe y Cardamomo chocolate with Costa Rican coffee and (you guessed it) cardamom.

The same friend also gave me some awesome Costa Rican cocoa powder. I made a fantastic chocolate cake out of it.

If you know a chocoholic, or chocophile like me, and you are travelling to a tropical location that has Theobroma cacao trees like Hawaii, Costa Rica, Madagascar, Dominican Republic, Peru or other cacao producing countries, bring your chocoholic friend back some cacao beans, cocoa powder or chocolate made from the country's cocoa beans!  They will be forever thankful! And maybe they will buy you something special when they are on their next vacation.

For more information on Sibu Chocolate, here are the package details and the website info:

Sibu Chocolate, "Negro" Bittersweet Chocolate, 50g
Heredia, Costa Rica
All natural ingredients: cocoa mass from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms, sugar, cocoa butter.
"organic cacao"


  1. Would like to order your sibu chocolate," negro" bittersweet chocolate, 50g . As a triale order , so may you please inform me how to do so according to your regulations . You can contact me on my e mail
    Thank you

  2. We visited Costa Rica in January and are returning in April...FIrst stop on our tours will be SIBU Chocolates...We had a wonderful visit there and will be returning again for their tasting tour which is similar to a wine tasting tour in Napa but with CHOCOLATE!!! Their dark chocolate bars are the best dark chocolate we ever ate...OUTRAGEOUS...We purchased their wonderful unique flavored truffles (4 large boxes) and a dozen bars...They were gone in 8 days after we returned home...this trip we plan to bring back a few dozen chocolate bars...Can't wait to return there...YUM! We've eaten chocolate all over the world and this is THE BEST!