Friday, April 6, 2012

Like Salt and Chocolate? Try these Canadian combinations!

If you are into the flavours of Salt and Chocolate....together....I have been sampling a few Canadian chocolate bars that offer their take on that flavour combination.

Soma offers a Dark Peruvian 64% chocolate bar with Maldon Salt (one of the best-known brands of sea salt). Soma calls it "The Starry night" chocolate bar. Their Peruvian chocolate is bitter, strong and flavourful and with 64% cacao solids, it offers just the right sugar level to complement the salt that is sprinkled on the back of the bar. You can taste the salt and the chocolate separately if you like, or combine the flavours in your mouth for pure sweet and savoury perfection.

Camino does not make their chocolate from the bean, as Soma does, but it focuses on paying fair prices to the cacao farmers for beans and by making organic chocolate. Camino's standard 38% milk chocolate bar is known for being smooth and creamy with a hint of hazelnut flavour (the secret ingredient to making it so yummy) and their Milk Chocolate with Sea Salt chocolate bar is the same great milk chocolate with the addition of sea salt. The sweet and salty combination is nuttier (thanks to the hazelnuts) than Soma's and has more of a nut-butter flavour because of the salt.

Soma's The Starry Night chocolate bar can be found on site in their store in Toronto, or via e-mail or telephone order across Canada. Camino sells its chocolate in health food stores and major grocery store chains across Canada, but they now also sell their chocolate online. See below for wesbite information for both companies.

If you are in the Montreal area, Suite 88 makes a 45 gram Chocolat NOIR a la Fleur de Sel chocolate bar. Check out my review of that bar at:

And for those of you Canadians who are out West (or out East but like to online shop!), you can check out the Canadiana chocolate bar by Organic Fair Inc. It is an organic dark chocolate with maple syrup and salt and is very tasty! Check out the review here:,

Of course, there are a tonne of other salt and chocolate choices on the market right now, but these are just a sampling of the Canadian ones! Below are the package details from the two chocolate bars that I tasted today:

The Starry Night Dark Peruvian Chocolate 64% with Maldon Salt, 80g
SOMA chocolatemaker (Toronto, Ontario)
Ingredients: cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, Maldon Salt, natural vanilla, soy lecithin.  Junk-free, all-natural. May contain traces of dairy, gluten and nuts.
Camino Fair Trade, Organic Milk with Sea Salt, 38% Cacao, 100g
La Siembra Co-Opertaive (Ottawa, Canada)
Made in Switzerland.
Ingredients: whole milk powder*, golden cane sugar*+, cacao butter*+, cacao mass*+, whole cane sugar, ground hazelnuts+, sea salt (Guerande), ground vanilla beans*+. *Fair Trade Certified(TM). +Certified Organic.  Minimum 38% cacao.  May contain traces of peanuts nd soy. Contains dairy products and nuts.


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