Friday, April 27, 2012

iPod, iPhone, iChoc?

Although I live on a rural Island in Northern Ontario, I still can get my hands on new and interesting chocolate.  When I do not buy online, my friends and family are often kind enough to drop different chocolate bars in my lap when they come to visit.  The latest find was by my mother, who brought me a chocolate bar called iChoc "Chillout Caramel".  Seriously?  First the iPod, iPhone, iPad, and now iChoc?  Yikes, talk about trying to ride the wave of success.  Now even chocolate is trying to sound all 'techy' and cool?

What is really sad here is that I have no idea how to use an iPod, an iPhone or an iPad (I just recently got the Blackberry Playbook instead).  I know, I probably should not have admitted that I do not know how to use an iPod, but whatever, judge me all you like. Why would I need to? I still listen to Hot 89.9, my favourite Ottawa radio station online for the first half of my day.

But eating iChoc was surprisingly easy.  No buttons, no sliding screens, no touch-screen and no scrolling.  Just eating, savouring and enjoying.

And although I have no idea how this caramel crisp chocolate bar is related to music, I do know that it tastes pretty good. Also, I like that it is in a 40 gram package - a nice portion-controlled size. The crisps are small and add a nice little crunch. So overall as a chocolate snack, it was a good and tasty treat.

The milk chocolate tastes very similar to the Camino milk chocolate couverture that I buy and have blogged about here more than once or twice.  There is a similar flavour in earthy, muddy flavour and given that Camino's chocolate is made from beans from certified organic cooperatives in third world countries and processed in Europe (iChoc is a German brand), I would not be surprised if iChoc's chocolate is made from the same raw materials from the same co-operatives. 

The website is where the music theme is tied in: a different song is associated with each chocolate bar.  From what I can tell, there are four kinds (Wild Milk, Electric Licorice, Chillout Caramel and Gogo Mango), which all look interesting, particularly the Electric Licorice since it is a white chocolate and licorice bar - a combination that I have never tried before. The music that plays on the info page for the "Chillout Caramel" chocolate bar is definitely chill-out music, but I also feel like I am on an elevator ride that just won't stop.

Truthfully, I don't really get it.  What does chocolate have to do with music and an iPod or anything in the "i" product range for that matter? I'm not saying chocolate and music cannot be connected, I'm just saying that the idea that there is a connection feels a little forced and it seems a bit like they are just trying to ride the wave of "i" success and its current popularity.

You can download a few things on their site though, like a hand-written music sheet for the song associated with each type of chocolate.  For instance, this is the one for the Chillout Caramel bar:  You can also download the different chocolate bar colours and wrapper graphics for your iPhone and some funky Christmas music (I know, what?), like the "funkynic" song. So they have gone to some lengths to create the chocolate and "i" music connection.
Although I was not into the music connection of this chocolate brand, I was into the chocolate.  I think it is a good little portion-controlled snack and and I would probably try the three other flavours that they sell, since they seemed interesting. Plus, the chocolate is organic, and I am all about eating Organic food in order to lead a healthier life.

Here are the package details from the chocolate bar that I tasted today:
iChoc Chillout Caramel, "Milk Chocolate Caramel Crisp", 40g
EcoFinia GmbH/VIVANI (Germany)
Organic Milk Chocolate with pieces of Caramel.  Ingredients: raw cane sugar*, cocoa butter*, whole milk powder*, butter caramel crisp* 10% (raw cane sugar*, maize glucose syrup*, butterfat*, sea salt), cocoa mass* cream powder*, skimmed milk powder*, bourbon vanilla extract*. Cocoa solids: 33% minimum.  Milk solids: 22%.  May contain almonds, hazelnuts and wheat components. *from organic agriculture certified by DE-OKO-013.


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