Saturday, January 15, 2011

TRUFFLE PIG chocolates are yummier than they sound and come with re-usable packaging too

For the past few days I have been sampling a great little box of chocolate truffles with a unique branding.  The chocolates are called TRUFFLE PIG by Hagensborg Chocolates Ltd., a company based in Burnaby, BC.  Although my blog posts usually centre around solid chocolate bars, I couldn't help but buy this box as soon as I saw it, because it is unusual to find an all-natural packaged chocolate truffle.   If you are an avid ingredient reader, like me, then you know that most commercially sold chocolate truffles have a long list of ingredients that usually include hydrogenated oils and other unhealthy additives.  Not the Truffle Pigs though! These truffles contain only seven ingredients: sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, coconut oil, butter oil, soy lecithin, natural flavours.

The packaging advertised that the box contained 4 Dark Truffles and 4 Dark Peppermint Truffles.  Although I think there may have been a slight error on one side of the box because it showed a picture of the peppermint truffle packaging with a label that read "Milk Chocolate Peppermint Truffle".  That may explain why there was such a good deal on these truffles (sale of only $5 for a 92 gram box of truffles!).

Inside, the Peppermint were, in fact, made of dark chocolate and they tasted fantastic.  The peppermint flavour is mild and not overpowering; the dark chocolate flavour still shines through.  The truffle is smooth and slightly creamy, although even at room temperature you still need to let it melt on your tongue for a little bit.  This is normal because truffles made with oils, rather than fresh cream, tend to be a bit "stiffer" as I like to call them. 

The plain Dark Chocolate Truffle Pig was just as smooth as the Peppermint, but a little too sweet for me - it had that flavour of very sweet dark chocolate that many people like, which is just not my preference.  I must have liked it though; I ate four in about five minutes!

What I like about this box of chocolates most of all, is that you can re-use it!  The box can actually be turned inside out, like a reversible sweater, and re-used to wrap a gift.  In fact, once turned inside out, the box looks like a knitted sweater.  Since I am all for environmentally-friendly products, then I give Hagensborg an A-plus in this department for making their box useful even after the chocolates have been eaten.  I will definitely re-use this box to wrap a present for a friend.

The branding on the package also includes pictures of dancing pigs wearing red scarves and hats, which makes it seem so Canadian.  Especially for me today, since I woke up and saw a foot of fresh snow in the yard this morning.

The pig thing is a bit confusing (in addition to the images on the package, the chocolates are also shaped like pigs). I'm just not sure how pigs and chocolate are related, but hey, they taste great and are all-natural so who cares if they are shaped like pigs? The only problem I have with the dancing pigs and the name is that it reminds me that I am a "truffle pig" for having eaten so many at once.

Overall, a big thumbs-up to Hagensborg Chocolates on their Truffle Pig, particularly the mint dark chocolate one.  I have visited the website and now I am truly excited to try other flavours of the Truffle Pig (like Hazelnut and Peanut Butter) and Hagensborg's other products, including their Love Me Raspberry Truffle Frog and most of all, their single origin Wild Boar chocolates. Check it out at:


  1. Hi there! Loved your post. I have a box of Easter themed pigs in front of me, which is why I found your blog. You may know this, since your post is 6 years old, but pigs are used to sniff out actual truffles on the forest floor. The chocolates are named for the weird looking fungi.

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  3. I want a phone number for the shop behind Costco in Burnaby/Surry