Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Nativa Organics Dark Chocolate - sweet, smooth and just right

Today I am tasting a Nativa Organics Dark Chocolate bar sold exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart's across Canada.  Unfortunately, I have to admit that I have limited information on this chocolate today.  I opened the package a few days ago and tasted one piece of this chocolate, then decided to save it for another day.  I left the wrapper off and my husband, being the neat freak that he is, threw out the wrapper.  Thankfully, I had taken a product picture before opening the package, but I can't provide the ingredients in this post, or any other information from the package.  I can tell you that it is a simple dark/semi-sweet chocolate in the 50-60% cocoa range, it is organic and in a 100 gram package.  I have tried to find the nutritional information on the web, but unfortunately it does not seem to be posted anywhere (other than a photo and name of the product). So the next time I get back to Shopper's Drug Mart, I will update this post and add that information.

What is nice about this organic chocolate bar is: it does not taste like a traditional organic chocolate bar.  I find that most organic chocolate has a distinct, earthy or woodsy flavour that overwhelms the chocolate flavour.  This bar is chocolaty and sweet.  In fact, it is a very sweet dark chocolate, without being sickeningly sweet as some dark chocolate can be.  I would use this in a recipe for a semi-sweet chocolate truffle or for ganache (cream & chocolate) for a cake topper.  It's just the right sweetness for that sort of thing, because I think it would please most palates (i.e. people who like both dark and milk chocolate).

This Nativa chocolate bar would also be great on a dreary rainy day when you need an afternoon chocolate wake-me-up.  It has a sunny and happy feel to it.

Shoppers Drug Mart first started offering its line of Nativa Organics a few years ago.  I have tried several of the 170 organic products that they launched, and so far all of them have been good products. Their snacks for kids are particularly good, and the kind you can feel good about feeding to your children.  For Canadians, I highly recommend that you check these products out at a Shoppers Drug Mart near you. It is a great way to support Canadian business and support Organic food products!


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