Friday, January 13, 2017

The Ultimate List of Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Makers in the UK : Craft Chocolate in Britain is at an all-time high

Bean-to-Bar chocolate or 'craft chocolate' has been steadily increasing the U.K. for some time now and it seems that all sorts of amazing chocolates are being launched, produced and celebrated regularly.  In fact, I wonder at times if it is out-shining the American craft chocolate movement, but yet I don't see the same number of articles about its seemingly rapid growth or status as a 'movement'. The Academy of Chocolate Awards and International Chocolate Awards seem to be growing steadily in popularity. And so, I think a list will help all those interested in tasting the amazing bean-to-bar chocolate coming out of the United Kingdom these days.

I have split the list of UK bean-to-bar chocolate makers it out into regions by country (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland), but if this is somehow not a correct way to divide, please tell me in the comments below. I`ve been to the UK only once or twice, so my awareness of what is politically correct may be limited.

Only Northern Ireland is included below, since The Republic of Ireland is a part of Europe and will be included in a future list of European chocolate makers (description is needed for us North American folks who are regularly confused about which Ireland is being discussed).

This list is not yet complete, but I will add to it as I learn of others. Please feel free to add your favourites or your chocolate company in the Comments feature below, and I will update the list with them as soon as I can.

So let's enjoy some British chocolate!

British Bean-to-Bar Chocolate


Akesson's Chocolate (London, UK) - Delicious chocolate with many bars being made from tree-to-bar, since Bertil Akesson owns plantations in Madagascar, Brazil and Indonesia. This chocolate is a must-try!

Artisan du Chocolat (London, UK) - Bars, truffles and other products made from bean to bar. Follow on Twitter at: @artisanchocolat

Aztec Gold (Oxfordshire, UK) - Makes organic, raw, vegan, bean-to-bar chocolate bars. Follow on twitter: @AztecGoldChoco1 Website:

Beau Cacao (London, UK) - crafting chocolate from Malaysian cacao through direct sourcing of cocoa beans, to ensure 'full transparency' of their products and ethical practices in chocolate making. Currently offering dark chocolate bars in the 70% range made from single origin cacao.

Blackboys Chocolate (Blackboys, East Sussex) - This chocolate maker is concerned about using organic and pesticide-free ingredients, as well as donating 5% of income to bumblebee conservation. Website: Twitter: @BlackboysChoc

Bullion Chocolate (Sheffield, South Yorkshire) - crafting single origin chocolate from bean to bar. Twitter: @OfficialBullion Website:

Damson Chocolate (Islington, London, UK) - Chocolate blogger, educator, and judge Dom Ramsey teamed up with chocolate enthusiast Tom Millson in early 2015 to create Damson Chocolate, after both had been experimenting with bean-to-bar chocolate making at home for some time. Already winning awards, Damson is producing interesting selections such as three different percentages of Buffalo milk chocolate bars with high cocoa solids, barrel-aged whisky milk chocolate, blended and origin dark chocolate bars.  Twitter: @damsonchocolate

Doble Bignall (Cheltenham, UK) - making artisan, fair-trade, single-origin chocolate Follow on social media at: @DobleBignall Website:

Dormouse Chocolates (Manchester, UK) - "Manchester's first and only bean-to-bar chocolate maker." Also making bars and truffles with their "favourite single origin chocolate". Twitter @Dormousechocs

Duffy's (Cleethorpes, England) - "Single origin artisan chocolate bars made from cacao sourced from different regions all over the world." I've tasted two of Duffy's chocolate bars and they were excellent. Twitter: @duffyredstar

Ekuma Chocolate (London / Ecuador) - The web page is under construction, so waiting on more info for this listing now. Follow on Twitter: @EkumaChocolate Website:

Hotel Chocolat - Not so sure this brand can be called 'craft chocolate' given the growth in size and popularity of Hotel Chocolat, but they still make chocolate from bean-to-bar that Brits seem to love. I dream of tasting it someday. @HotelChocolat

Hygge Chocolate (East, England) - Coming Autumn 2016: "Bean to bar chocolate maker from single origin sustainable cocoa beans". 

J. Cocoa "chocolate crafted in West Sussex from bean to bar stone ground and hand tempered" @JCocoaChocolate

Land Chocolate (London, UK) - "Award-winning bean to bar chocolate in the heart of Bethnal Green." Twitter: @land_choc Website:

Lucocoa Chocolate (London, UK) - Making bean to bar chocolate with no refined sugar in a variety of single origins,  as well as blonde chocolate and dark milk chocolate. Twitter:  Website:

Maza Chocolate (United Kingdom) - 'nutritious handmade chocolates sweetened naturally' with Palmyra nectar.

Ottar Chocolate (Welbeck, Nottinghamshire, England) - Chocolatiers and pastry chefs who are now embarking on a bean-to-bar 'adventure'.

Pump Street Bakery (Orford, Sufolk): Award-winning bean-to-bar chocolate, along with a rather famous bread and pastry shop. I have tasted this chocolate, and I LOVE it.  The quality is truly there. BBC Best Food Producer 2012. Twitter: @pumpstbakery

Solkiki Chocolat (Dorset, UK) - Twitter: @SolkikiChocolat

Tadzio Chocolate (London, England) - Bean-to-bar chocolate maker in London. Twitter & Instagram: @tadziochocolate

Willies Cacao (Devon, UK) - Both cacao farmer (in Venezuela) and chocolate maker in Devon, also sourcing beans from around the world.  I have tasted about three of this chocolate makers' bars, and I have enjoyed them thoroughly. We can purchase in Canada at Follow on Twitter at: @WilliesCacao Website:

Rococo Chocolates (London, UK) - they own their own cocoa farm in northern Grenada and sell all sorts of luxury chocolates and chocolate bars, as well as chocolate-related items on their website. Follow on Twitter at: @rococochocs Website:


Baravelli's (Conwy, Wales) - Bean to bar chocolatiers with "multi award winning confection" and a Twitter description that includes: "nice people" (I love that!). Making chocolate in the beautifule market town of Conwy, wales. or follow on Twitter at: @Baravellis

Forever Cacao This Welsh chocolate maker focuses on stone-ground, raw chocolate from Criollo beans of Peru. The chocolate is sweetened with organic coconut sugar, for maximum health benefits. Twitter: @ForeverCacao  Website:


Chocolate Tree (Edinburgh, Scotland) - "Scottish craft chocolate made from bean to bar using premium heritage cacao from Madagascar, Peru and Venezuela." Also, cacao is directly traded. Milk chocolate, dark-milk chocolate, coconut milk chocolate (dairy free, no cane sugar) dark chocolate and 100% available.  Twitter: @ChocTree Web:

RavenFoodie (Glasgow, Scotland) - making luxury vegan chocolate in Scotland. Twitter: @RavenFoodie Website:

Northern Ireland

NearyNogs Stoneground Chocolate  - "N. Ireland's first Stone Ground Craft Chocolate Makers! Small-batch Bean to Nar Adventurers!" Website: Instagram: @NearyNogsChocolate



  1. Thank you for this interesting post. Keep up the good work. I love chocolates in the UK.

    - Gustavo Woltmann

  2. See you list some who've not yet produced - as we are would you include us in your list? Cacoa Elora based in Derbyshire?

  3. They are most probably producing but still in development. It's a good thing, you can't run before you can walk. It's vital to care about and be as knowledgeable about bean to bar as they can, for the sake of consumers and other makers.

    Great list here, thanks for the heads up about the new makers!

  4. I do believe that Artisan du Chocolat do not process chocolate from the bean, and buy in Chocolat Liqour instead. They may have changed their practices since I was told this, but you might want to double check this.

  5. The FIG Tree in Lancashire produce small scale Ethical Bean To Bar Chocolate including vegan varieties of milk chocolate using almond milk. At the moment they sell locally but have plans to go online with sales this year. twitter @fairtradecentre website is

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  12. As Devon's No 1 Raw Chocolate Makers, How would we apply to be added to the UK Ultimate List of bean to Bar above ?

  13. This list is not yet complete, but I will add to it as I learn of others. All the chocolate is good. but my favorite is Dairy milk. Gatwick Parking Compare And Book Today