Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Where'd I Go? And What's Up in the Ultimately Chocolate Kitchen?

If you regularly read this blog, or receive an e-mail with my blog articles in it, and have been wondering why my posts seem to be almost non-existent these days, I just wanted to touch base and let you know that I am still here!

My chocolate business (called Ultimately Chocolate) seems to be getting busier each year, and this Fall has surprised me with just how busy I have been. September and October have flown by, and I've been making chocolate truffles, toffees, tarts, TOFFLEs, jack-o-lanterns, pumpkin-spiced meltaways, chocolate on sticks, and - as you read in the last post - bean-to-bar chocolate non-stop lately for a variety of events and for my recently expanded list of retailers. Oh, and I've been making some Piecakens too for our Canadian Thanksgiving, and for a restaurant customer.

And I'm not only making product for Christmas, I'm also ordering new Christmas gift packaging, and even thinking ahead to Valentine's Day packaging for February 2017! So I just can't seem to find time to sit down to the computer these days to write. But I have not given up; I still have a lot to share with you about tasting and working with chocolate. I am still tasting chocolate every single day. Moreover, I will be in Seattle for the Northwest Chocolate Festival, so I plan to buy a boatload of chocolate to write about on this blog!

The pictures below are just a few of the chocolate (and dessert) projects I have been working on.

I look forward to writing more, very very soon!  Meanwhile, feel free to touch base on Twitter (@ultimatelychoc) or Instagram (@ultimatelychocolate) if you have any chocolaty questions or just want to chat.

Meet Piecaken. This is a pumpkin pie inside a cheesecake. 
I know, right? This is my other food-related hobby.
Get the recipe on:

My new Buttermilk chocolate bar - made from bean-to-bar!
Available at select retailers and online soon at:

My chocolate at a pumpkin festival in Northern Ontario!

Some small-batch bean-to-bar chocolate that I made
- stay tuned, the Buttermilk bar is launching soon!

Deliciously smooth and decadent hazelnut meltaway truffles.
These will be available in short supply for Christmas,
in cute little red boxes at select retailers.

Freshly dipped organic pumpkin-spiced white chocolate meltaways.


  1. I look forward to ordering something from your website, unless I will be able to find your goods in some Toronto store?
    Glad to see you have been up to some "good" deeds :)!

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