Monday, July 13, 2015

List of Specialty Retailers of Bean-to-Bar Chocolate & Fine Chocolate, Plus Chocolate Subscription Services

Updated May 31, 2016

All this talk of bean-to-bar craft chocolate in the media recently, and you keep wondering: where do I buy bean-to-bar chocolate? Sure, you can visit each and every website on the U.S. list or Canadian list of chocolate makers, but if you want to try more than one brand, that can be time consuming and costly in shipping charges. But fear not fine chocolate lovers! I have put together a list of specialty shops that primarily sell bean-to-bar craft chocolate, as well as other fine chocolate brands and single origin chocolate.

Join a club! Chocolate-of-the-Month clubs are popping up all over. Get a great selection sent to you each and every month, so you can always satisfy your chocolate curiosity. These 'clubs' and subscription services are also listed below and marked with: *Chocolate of the month club*.

United States:

2|beans (New York, NY) - Selling a large fine chocolate selection in New York City, this brick-and-mortar retailer also offers an online store

Bright River Chocolate (San Francisco, CA) - With Millcreek, Pacari, Raaka, Castronovio, Venchi, Zotter and many more, Bright River Chocolate has you covered. Online shop: Also offers a *Chocolate of the month club*. Order here.

Cacao (Portland, Oregon) - Cacao features a carefully selected range of chocolate from around the world, with a focus on North American craft chocolate makers and Northwest (U.S.) chocolatiers. Location: Portland, Oregon (2 stores).  Online shop coming soon.

Cacao Notes (San Francisco, CA) - founded by Brian Smith, this service offers craft bean-to-bar chocolate packages on a monthly basis. Buy one month or a monthly subscription package. If you buy a monthly subscription package, you can have a personalized consultation before your next package arrives.

Chococurb (Seattle, WA) - *Chocolate of the month club* A monthly chocolate subscription & gift service. The differentiator is that the chocolate is chosen for the subscriber each month based on the profile completed (i.e. you can specify "only dark chocolate" and that is what they'll send). They also ship to Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia and New Zealand.

Choco Rush (Charleston, SC) - *Chocolate of the month club* A monthly bean-to-bar subscription service.  Will start shipping in mid-September 2015. Twitter: @chocorushco

Chocolate Covered (San Francisco, CA) - A retail shop where you can "discover the best and most unique in premium chocolate".  "a chocolate shop featuring the most delicious small batch ethically sourced chocolate bars in America" @ChocBarSupplier

Chocopolis (Seattle, WA) - This retailer of fine chocolate has both a store front and an online shop offering over 200 artisan chocolate bars from 20 different countries.

Cococlectic (California) - *Chocolate of the month club* Every month, Cococlectic brings their customers a curated selection of single-origin, dark chocolate bars. They ensure the chocolate selected contains five ingredients or less, and is gluten-free, vegan, fair trade, dairy-free and nut-free. Sign up for only one month, or for 6 months at a discounted monthly rate!

Cocova (Washington, DC) - This is a tasting room and boutique store selling over 300 unique chocolate bars and confections from artisan chocolate makers worldwide. Also buy online.

The Chocolate Garage (Palo Alto, CA) - retails a "carefully curated selection of the best bean-to-bar chocolate from around the world" in downtown Palo Alto. 

The Chocolate Clinic (Philadelphia, PA) - *Chocolate of the month club* Purveyor of craft and bean-to-bar chocolate. Buy online or at Sweet Elizabeth's Cakes at 4409 Main St.

The Meadow (Portland, OR and New York, NY) - This specialty retailer uses a team of tasters to select chocolate bars on a monthly basis to ensure quality and uniqueness. Buy in-store at two locations in Portland, or in Manhattan's West Village in New York city. Also buy chocolate online, over 700 chocolates available


A Taste for Chocolate (Toronto) - Sells fine chocolate through online ordering system, or book tasting workshops if in the Toronto area. Fast and reliable service.

Cocoa Couriers (Toronto, ON) - *Chocolate of the month club* Selling a collection of bean-to-bar chocolate, including chocolate imports that are not available anywhere else in Canada. Receive a box of four selected chocolate bars a month, or buy individually online.

ChocExchange (Montreal, ON) - *Chocolate of the month club* Online sales of artisan bean-to-bar chocolate from all over the world, with chocolate bundles and a monthly subscription service.

JoJo CoCo (Ottawa, ON) - This specialty retailer sells both bean-to-bar chocolate and specialty artisan chocolate and confections in its shop on Hazeldean Road (Kanata).

La Tablette de Miss Choco (Montreal, QC) - A collection of craft, bean-to-bar chocolate only, ordered in from all over the world. Buy in store or through the new online ordering system! Fast and reliable online ordering service.

The Candy Bar (Toronto, ON) - Offering a selection of fine chocolate, including Venchi, Slitti, & Amedei, as well as bean-to-bar chocolate including B.C.-based Sirene Chocolate and Ambrosia Pastry from London, Ontario.

Xoxolat (Vancouver, BC) - A retail store filled with single origin and estate chocolates, made from bean-to-bar, along with confections. Offers in-store chocolate tasting workshops several days a week at 5:00 p.m. for $25 per person, or book a private tasting event for at least 10 people.

Cook Culture (Vancouver, BC) - Buy online or in store! A selection of fine chocolate and bean-to-bar chocolate from around the world curated by author Eagranie Yuh (The Chocolate Tasting Kit).


CocoaRunners (UK) - *Chocolate of the month club* Buy a monthly subscription or buy single chocolate bars online, your choice.  This chocolate curator has all of the great bean-to-bar chocolate to satisfy any chocolate lover.


Chocolate Craft (Costa Rica) - buy chocolate made in Costa Rica, such as Sibu and The Beach Chocolate Factory and have it shipped to your door.

Chocolate Journey (Melbourne, Australia) - Appreciators of fine chocolate, particularly single origin, bean-to-bar chocolate.  Online store, coming soon.

All About Chocolate (New Zealand) - Selling fine chocolate from around the world, as well as a selection of fine chocolate from New Zealand's artisan producers. The online store includes chocolate made by Original Beans, Marou, Amedei, Fresco and more.

Know of others? Hey I get it. My list is a little sparse in the 'UK' and 'Other' sections.  If you know of any other specialty craft chocolate retailers in ANY part of the world, please tell me in the Comments below!


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  2. hey The Ultimate Chocolate Blog... -> Andy's Candy Apothecary in Sacramento sells a selection of bean-to-bar chocolate bars @ :-) and I absolutely love Chocolate Covered in San Francisco <3

  3. Wonderful and informative post. I do love chocolate. :)

  4. This is such a great list! I also wanted to tell you that I have ordered from your chocolate shop and absolutely loved the toffle! I look forward to my next purchase from you and from the bean to bar chocolatiers on this list!

  5. The Cheese Box at Wally's in Los Angeles has probably the largest selection of craft bean to bar chocolate in the area.

  6. UK: - Sells primarily dark chocolate bars, with a good focus on 100%. Starting to feature very small batch makers that can only be found exclusively on the site.

  7. You should check out Letterbox chocolates, local to LA, and my favorite is David Bacco, in San Diego.

  8. Chocolatl in Amsterdam is a wonderland of small batch, bean to bar chocolate bars! Learn about the chocolate makers and stock up on your supply. They also serve a fantastic drinking chocolate.

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  10. Great list Lisabeth! We recently launched a subscription service for Australia - monthly boxes of 3 global and 1 Australian chocolate. Gift boxes and single bars available too :)

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  12. Yes throw us on there! and Hawaiian chocolate! USA grown!

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  17. Hi there, really enjoying your blog posts and just wanted to supply details of a speciality craft chocolate maker in the UK to add to your list (as requested):

    Robins and Sons Chocolate - 'Deliciously Different' handmade luxury chocolate infused with natural plant and fruit oil extracts.

    Family run, small batch makers specialising mainly in bars as opposed to 'chocolates'.

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