Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Go Darker with this 45% Milk Chocolate by Theo

Most milk chocolate bars that are available at national grocers and convenience stores have less than 28% cocoa solids.  Some good ones have between 28% and 38% - you can usually find organic brands with these percentages.  But the really good ones, which are less sweet, but so much creamier because of their high cocoa butter content, are made by bean-to-bar chocolate makers who focus on taste and quality. 

Theo Chocolate is one such producer: they offer a 45% milk chocolate bar that is very creamy and cocoa buttery. What's more, this chocolate bar also happens to be both Organic and Fair Trade.  And there is no soy lecithin in this product.

So if you are a milk chocolate lover, but you are looking to reduce your sugar intake, Theo's dark-milk chocolate is definitely worth a try!  I loved it.

I found this chocolate bar at the Bulk Barn in Canada. Theo Chocolate is American-made in Seattle, WA. To learn more, check out their website at: www.theochocolate.com. You can also purchase this chocolate bar online.

Here are the package details:

Theo Organic and Fair Trade 45% Milk Chocolate, 85g
Theo Chocolate (Seattle, WA)
Ingredients: sugar*+, cocoa beans*+, cocoa butter*+, milk powder*, ground vanilla bean*+. Contains milk.

Note: I have not been paid or enticed to write this post in any way.  No product samples were sent to me to review (although that would be nice). I just truly liked what I tasted and want to share!


  1. Sounds real good. USA's bean-to-bar scene is quite something! In the UK we have some great ones too, and I look forward to trying some from the USA

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