Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Loving that Tanzania chocolate! Except, of course, for the price.

I am really enjoying the Italian brand Sorini and its Extra Dark Chocolate 75% chocolate bar. I purchased it in a little Italian and international food import shop in Ottawa, so needless to say, it was costly. 

But there was just one thing that I noticed. The description of the origin of the cacao beans used to make the chocolate (Tanzania) and the percentage of cacao solids sounded familiar to me.  So I did a  little checking I realized that Cacao Barry, a popular chocolate supplier to the industry, has a Tanzania (or Tanzanie as they call it) origin chocolate with 75% cacao solids (see online here).  I actually had a box of it in the past and made all sorts of confections out of it. So we can guess who Sorini gets their chocolate couverture supply from!

I could have purchased a box of Cacao Barry's Origin chocolate for less $ per gram and made myself all sorts of chocolate bars at a fraction of the cost!

Oh well, for now I will just enjoy my Tanzanian tastiness.

If you want to check out Sorini's other chocolate products, here is the link to the English version of their website:

For information on Cacao Barry, go to: or visit the product page: for more information on their 'Tanzanie' Orirgin chocolate.

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