Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Ultimate Raw Chocolate List

If you are looking for raw chocolate brands in your region or throughout the world, you have come to the right place. Below is a list of raw chocolate makers by the country in which they are sold and/or made. For information on this trend, which has been dubbed "The Raw Chocolate Revolution" by some, and both the benefits of and concerns with raw chocolate, please see my recent article here.

  • ChocoSol Traders (Toronto, ON) They make a range of bean-to-bar chocolate and offer a few options for raw chocolate, including a sugarless base for chefs and raw truffle lovers: Available at various Farmer's Markets and locations throughout Toronto.
  • Giddy Yoyo Makes a range of flavoured 75% dark raw chocolate bars that is gluten free, soy free, dairy free, and free of refined sugar and "other nasty funk" as the folks at Giddy Yoyo like to say. They also sell raw cacao nibs, which I received as a gift at Christmas. It was purchased at HomeSense.
  • Olivia Chocolatiers (Cantley, QC) This Quebec-based bean-to-bar chocolate maker has a new raw collection of chocolate bars made from non-roasted Trinitario/Criollo. The collection includes: a 92% Maple Raw (I've tried this and it is bitter, but very good), a Raw 86% and a Raw 76% chocolate bar. Available in various locations in Quebec, Ontario and B.C. and can be purchased online.
  • Living Libations (Haliburton, ON) A fun, nutty couple from Haliburton who make raw chocolate that is more like a 'food' with the purpose of holistic healing and energy building. Their chocolate includes maca root, camu berries and other superfoods. They have excellent quotes on their website from celebrities like Alanis Morrisette and Woody Harrelson, who have tried their chocolate.
  • Live on Chocolate (Toronto, ON) Facebook Page Raw chocolate and desserts made with cacao from Ecuador. Available at various locations throughout the city.
  • Amai Raw Chocolate (San Meteo County Peninsula, California) Sell raw chocolate by the ounce, chocolate dipped bananas, cashew cups, caramels and more.
  • Lulu's Chocolate (Sedona, Arizona) Raw, vegan, organic, fair trade and gluten-free chocolate, including truffles, buttercups and chocolate bars. And some pretty fun pictures on their website advertising the chocolaty underwear that they sell!
  • UliMana (Asheville, NC) Awesome-looking raw, vegan truffles. Their first truffle was inspired by David Wolfe's book, Naked Chocolate. They sell worldwide.
  • Gnosis Chocolate (New York, NY) Hand-made, sweetened with Coconut Palm Sugar, Sourced directly with "raw integrity" from origin, and infused with superfoods and functional herbs. (ref) Uses raw cacao from Bali, Ecuador, Peru, Grenada, & Madagascar which are turned into truffles, gift collections, etc. plus single origin bars (Madagascar, Bali, other). Also works with Francois Pralus to make raw cacao paste. Ships world-wide.
  • Madre Chocolate (Honolulu, HI) This is true Hawaiian chocolate and as I've written before, I love this brand. I have never tried their raw chocolate bar; it is not widely available & is limited edition, and it disappears quickly when they make it!
  • Luminaria Raw Chocolate / Luminaria Guiltless Chocolate (Santa Monica, CA) Organic raw chocolate marketed as having only 1.5g of natural raw sugars and each bar is under 100 calories. There is not much on their website, you will find more on info their facebook page.
  • Pacari Ecuadorian Organic Chocolate (Ecuador, but with US sales) I have tried Pacari's chocolate and recall that I enjoyed it very much. They have line of raw chocolate bars (70%, 85% and 100%), which is probably the most widely selling raw chocolate brand available. Single origin chocolate made entirely in Ecuador.
  • Sacred Chocolate (Marin Country, CA)  This chocolate is stone ground and kept under 115 degrees Fahrenheit from bean to bar. They hand pour and hand wrap each bar in a small custom designed, certified organic, vegan, and 100% renewable energy and carbon balanced factory. This chocolate brand was founded by David Wolfe (one of the authors of the book Naked Chocolate) and Steve Alder.
  • Fearless Chocolate (Berkeley, CA) They favour "bold and dynamic" flavours but keep their recipes simple and uncluttered to allow "the natural vibrance of each ingredient to shine". Their chocolate bar range includes flavours like 70% Exploding Coconuts, 70% Green Tea Mint and a 75% Dark as Midnight bar. Buy online or check their Store Locator for a retailer near you.
  • Santosha Chocolate (Asheville, NC) - Raw chocolate that is stoneground and certified organic, vegan, soy- and GMO-free and low GI because it is made with coconut palm sugar. In addition to a single-origin 85% Peru, they also offer such flavors as:  Coconut & Black Lava Salt, Citrus & Maca, and others.   
  • Antidote Chocolate (Brooklyn, NY) Bean-to-bar chocolate made with raw and roasted Arriba Nacional cacao beans. The chocolate is also organic and vegan. They offer a range of 73% to 100% dark chocolate bars. Sold in a variety of stores across the country, or buy online here.

United Kingdom and Other:
  • The Chocolate Tree (Edinburgh, Scotland) makes chocolate straight from the bean in a private kitchen in Haddington, and has a storefront cafe at 123 Brunstfield Place. To complement their range of single origin chocolate bars, they have recently begun to make a rawMadagascar bar with 68% cacao solids. It is available to purchase online here:
  • iQ Chocolate (Manor Loan, Stirling, Scotland) Scotland's bean to bar chocolate makers. Specialising in making single origin, raw chocolate by stone grinding the beans slowly and coconut blossom/palm nectar as a sweetener.
  • Conscious Chocolate (Kent, UK) or Handmade, raw, organic chocolate. Free from pesticides, dairy, soya and gluten. Sweetened with natural agave nectar. Made in Kent, sold worldwide.
  • Ombar Superfood Chocolate (Cambridge, UK) Ombar's raw chocolate is made with coconut sugar and freeze-dried fruit. Also, it's 100% organic and sustainably sourced. Twitter: @OmbarChocolate  
  • Kali Ma (Jersey, Channel Islands) Eco-friendly, 'high vibrational chocolate', raw, dairy free, gluten free and most of the chocolates do not contain sugar and are instead sweetened with agave nectar. Made in Jersey, off the coast of Normandy, France but sort of part of the UK, also independent?
  • The Raw Chocolate Company (West Sussex, UK) - a full range of flavoured chocolate bars and other raw chocolate confections.
  •  The Raw Chocolate Shop (United Kingdom) - they do not make chocolate, but this is a 'one-stop' shop where you can buy many brands within one order for one shipping price, including Pacari and The Raw Chocolate Company products and nearly all the UK brands listed here.
  • Elements for Life (UK) They sell a kit for making raw chocolate yourself (no actual nibs or beans int he kit though, just raw cacao powder & cacao butter) and also sell the Yummy Scrummy Brownie and raw ingredients like nibs and nuts so you can make your own creations at home.
  • Booja Booja (Norwich, U.K.) They sell vegan, dairy-free, organic and raw chocolate products, including raw Nacional Arriba cacao beans and nibs from Ecuador, a large collection of truffles and ice cream. You can find them in stores in London and other parts of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Check their website for the full listing.
  • Mulu Chocolate (Devon, UK) Sells a range of handmade bars and buttons throughout the UK and online.
  • Rawr Chocolate (Cambridge, UK) dairy free, refined-sugar free, organic, handmade raw chocolate. Sells a large range of raw chocolate bar flavours.
  • Living Food of St. Ives (Cornwall, UK) Not sure it if these 'pies' / bars can be classified as chocolate, but is made with cacao nibs, various ingredients and held together with coconut oil. A large range of interesting flavours.

This list is by no way complete, but that is my goal! So if you know of any other raw chocolate makers, please do add them to the comments below and I will update the list periodically with your suggestions. Or feel free to e-mail me at


  1. Genesis Chocolate! This stuff is AMAZING! All raw and infused with superfoods and herbs. They use yacon root and luohanguo for natural immune boosting sweeteners. You have to try it. Their website is

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  4. Here's two delicious raw chocolate companies!!!

    Fine & Raw Chocolate @
    Righteously Raw @

    They're up there in quality with Sacred & Gnosis who are both already on your list. I like them a lot too!

  5. Here's one more delicious looking raw chocolate company!!!
    That I want to try asap!!!

    Glow Superfoods @
    and @

    from their site:

    he GLOW BAR is the only raw artisan chocolate bar available in the market. Made with smooth hazelnut in a praline filling, lovingly dipped in luscious dark chocolate and packed full of nourishing superfoods.

    The GLOW BAR is made with 100 % non-heated ingredients.

    Peruvian criollo cacao and brown hazelnuts are activated in filtered alkaline water and cold pressed lime-tree honey.

  6. Have you heard of AGAMI Raw Maya Chocolate?

  7. Honey Mama's here in Seattle, it's so so sooo good, since it's raw and melts at 76 degrees, it rarely makes it home without a bite or three. It's just incredible stuff with sprouted almonds or warming spices..

  8. Honey Mama's here in Seattle, it's so so sooo good, since it's raw and melts at 76 degrees, it rarely makes it home without a bite or three. It's just incredible stuff with sprouted almonds or warming spices..

  9. Love the raw organic chocolate handmade in Australia called
    Pana Chocolate .

  10. Here in the Netherlands, there is a company called Lovechock. They make fine chocolate, raw, sweetened with cocoblossom nectar. Their bars are my favorite, best of all the one with chili and cherries. The only drawback to this chocolate and other raw varieties is the price tag...

    I also find Conscious (from the UK) a good choice and Ombar (UK), but they have been mentioned already.

  11. We have spent quiet some time developing our cocoture candy collection by Zippy Cook ( Our testers indicate that bitter-sweet cocoture may be a bit on the too bitter side. We are looking to collect relevant input/opinions/experiences/thoughts from the people who consider themselves lovers of intense dark flavors of specialty and row chocolate. Do you think alternatives made from coconut superior or inferior to the chocolate? Should they be less biter or would you expect them to go to 86-90+%?

  12. What about Magic Mayan? Love their bars!

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  16. Hey, Thank-you for such informational blog!!
    Your blog is really interesting. I love making chocolates. Keep on making such important blog post. That's nice and useful stuff for me.
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